Veloce Motors and Miller Motor Company


Here are some of the cars I´ve made for my Automation brands

Veloce Automobiles, Calides, Fruinia
Fanella & Company, Fanella, Fruinia
Miller Motors, Ellisbury, Gasmea
Otari Motor Company, Lenagrad, Archana
Lesovo Automobil, Krongrad, Archana
HAMFA, Zeilwies, Hetvesia

And a few others…

And of course a big thank you to all mod makers :smiley: :+1:

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The Canelloni line combines American and European influences in a light and agile package - the front and rear lights remind me of an Alfa 105 GTV, and the side profile (especially on the notchback and convertible) brings to mind the 1st-gen Camaro/Firebird. All in all, it’s one of the best uses I’ve seen for any of the new-for-4.2 '69 Mobula body sets.

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Ill take 2 Papardelles please.


Thank you, yes this car is very much based on the Alfa 1750 GTV, even the engine is built on the specs from the tc 1750.

1999 Veloce Strega Spyder

Entered in Face Of The Update Design Competition



The Strega looks decent and would be a great alternative to an MX-5 or S2000. However, a 2-valve/cylinder DOHC head would have been more fitting for the 60s and 70s - it would be very outdated for the 1990s, let alone the 2000s. As for the Giove, I remember the 4-door version from QFC8, where it was quickly found wanting:

TRX tires are those with a diameter divisible exactly by 10 (an attribute shared with racing tires) - so why on Earth did you use them? It may have been that the rule set did not say anything about them.

Volvo and Ford dare to disagree. 850 and Scorpio engines.


Yes I know of TRX tyres now, lets call it a rookie mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I had only played this game for a couple of weeks when I made that car.

The tires are changed now, I got the fuel consumption down a bit and changed to a adv. automatic, the car is definatly better now.


Keep doing these challenges bro, especially the QFC ones since they have quicker turn around times. You will learn a lot, and every car you will improve. The learning curve is fucking HUGE with this game, so many different aspects.

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1979 Dorf Nautus 2000 Deluxe


Have you tried making a SUV/MPV/mini-van/cross-over?

Why not make a car that can suit people who need to seat 7-8 people and yet have a comfortable ride and base it in marketa as that of Asia?

If I may, could i suggest you a challenge?

Challenge: Make a 7 seater car that can perform its duty in Asian countries by being both confortable and utilitarian in its design.

  1. The car can only be at a maximum price of $20,000.

  2. The car should be able to get 35+ mpg.

  3. The car should also utilize AWD or 4WD as some Asian countries have rough developments along the path.

  4. The car should be able to run on low quality fuel

  5. The engine must at least make 250 horsepower in any way, shape, or form.

  6. Also the car must be able to pull 3,000 pounds as if it was carrying a trailer.

This challenging is optional but you can try it if you want. Just a suggestion :smile:.