Viettor Design

Hey guys! So this will be a repository for a collection of cars I'm planning to make. I don't have any lore yet because I honestly just make cars for fun and plan to make cars from different eras and styles so I wasn't sure how to fit that all in lol.


Master of detail! Amazing car and very inspiring design. Very well done, looking forward to seeing the next model of the brand :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

It reminds me of an Alfa 8C and a GMA T.50 - an intoxicating application of modern design cues to an older body. If you applied this philosophy to a larger car powered by a normally aspirated V8, V10 or V12, I would expect the results to be even more stunning.

Hi guys! Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it! And yup I can see Vienne’s resemblance to the Alfa 8C and GMA T.50, but actually my main inspiration was the DeTomaso P72 haha, sort of that retro-modern style which I thought was kinda interesting.

Vienne’s design goal was just a super light and super small car (kinda the most basic/analogue sports car) haha, but yeah maybe (someday) I will do another retro-modern style with a higher output and larger engine!


If the four-cylinder Vienne is the appetizer, the Vescaya, with its monstrous V12, is the main course. If anything, it’s even more of a retro-futuristic showcase in minimalism on the outside, with its clean upper surface. I suspect you used the Valkyrie-esque body as a base, but the Vienne was built on one of the 50s/60s prototype bodies instead.

And with such a huge gap in performance between them, there should be plenty of room for an intermediate model or two - they could be powered by 6- or 8-cylinder engines.

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Simply stunning, with some interesting tech inside and impressive stats.


This is one the closest thing I could imagine as an Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale hommage. Awesome level of detail, great specs combination (love the N/A boxer 4 choice)… Makes you wanna drive it.


Here I go again ahahhahahaha Dude, u’re killing it!! This well shows how far Automation has gone. I’d just want to jump straight into the game and going insane creating something similar which surely won’t come out as good as yours :sweat_smile: . Really inspiring work