Wanted: Exterior designer | Reward: Engines (colab anyone?)

I’m interested in finding someone who’s willing to share car bodies with me in exchange for my engines,
as I very much enjoy the technical side of the game, though not really the creative exterior design side and frankly get demotivated to try when I see how good other people’s exteriors are lol!

I haven’t yet uploaded too many of my engines, but you’ll get to see them here:

Most recent post (as of this edit) are Chevy L78 recreations, hopefully they convince you I’m pretty decent at building engines in the game. There are others both original designs and recreations to be found there already as well, though most of the others were done to a lower standard, just trying to hit certain hp targets.

If you have an engine request (hopefully intended for the colab), leave it here with your target specs.

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what vehicles are you interested in dropping your crate engines in?

American inspired 50’s to 70’s cars to begin with.

But if there was a main one above all, mid 70’s Mustang II competitor to put this V6 in:


I could consider it

Well that good, though surely you want me to make an engine for one of your builds in return, perhaps for a current community challenge or something, right? Surely not for free regardless.

of course not, in fact your already helping me out. I want to make the second gen Helron Lance, and this engine is perfect for it
so what Im gonna do is, Im gonna make the car with a placeholder motor, Ill send it to you, and you can plop the engine in


Oh wow! Okay, I certainly wasn’t expecting you to like that engine so much.

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it is perfect for it, I am really in a lore building mood so I really wanna get on with the other generation of Lances

Is that how people have to send engines to each other as well? Put inside of a placeholder body? For I do intend to make some of my better recreations public but haven’t worked out how… : (

And are you wanting me to do the tuning before I send back with engine in?

if you would be so kind, I have been torn apart for my horrible tuning before lol
and yeah, you shove the engine inside a random body then bam, the engine i sthiers

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Well… no promises I’ll be much better than you in that regard, far, FAR less experience in that department, though I’ll certainly try harder than usual knowing this time it wont be a car just for me.

And thanks for the how to share engines confirmation.

no prob bob, Ill get to work on the car when i get home!

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Awesome! Will you send via DM when done? I’ll probably not return it for two and a half days as a heads up.

yeah thats fine!

I might have some unused models in spare, mostly facelifted cars that became later replaced with new ones, mainly because a challenge occurred and I wanted something better…you could make badge engineered cars, like Audi A4 and Seat Exeo… I could export some unused facelifts and pass them on to you, recieving better engineering then and competing with my new models.

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@IDK158 So is there a base model engine to go along with the turbski 6 you can think of?
I can start on that if so. Well, I’ve probably already sorted that out with the 100hp NA version, haven’t I?

Ahem, I’ll be sure to ruin your hopes for the handling tune when I show the one I already tried after I sleep.

That sounds more than good enough to me! Thanks for the offer and the mini comp sounds fun!

What name does your brand have? I’ll rebadge them before I send them to you, especially in the interior it’s annoying fumbling you don’t need to do if I am experienced with the game (all my cars have full-detail interiors, yes).

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170 net horsepower is on par with some V8s from this era, especially with a turbo installed.

my best bet is a horrible 60-80hp I3. I want the car to be as lovably terrible as possible

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