Well Ide like to say

All ide like to say is, I HIGHLY respect the work here… I bought the 35$ Edition right away to support, this will be one of the best car company and engine building simulators to Date… and I have high confidence in the team doing the work so far ive been very impressed with what ive seen and playing the game i can tell the materials and all the textures and etc are of some of the highest quality designs i have ever seen, Now if you guys want some help off the bat i would look into Street Legal Redline, They where very successful in what they did HOWEVER the company stopped what they where doing… just a tip check it out and you may grab some ideas for your own game. Thanks for making my dreams come True! with this game i think when its done i will never stop playing it :slight_smile: Keep up the good work guys!!!

Thank you very much for the very positive feedback. Currently, I would say though that we have so many good ideas for the game, that we probably would have enough to do for the next 10 years xD First steps first :slight_smile: Thanks again, cheers!

Your welcome im trying to give you some ideas… Cause you guys really have stepped on ground correctly… and i applaud you cant wait to see the Turbos in actions and much more!!! Thank you so much for such a amazing design keep me posted on your work :slight_smile: i love it.