What are the different light types? A d

I love Automation. The amount of work out in every update is astounding. I’ve kind of been wondering on what the different light types are when I edit the bulbs on the fixtures. I see the transparent and opaque ones, but some orange ones don’t blink when turning, and one of the red ones don’t turn on when braking in Beamng. And with so many different types, is there a list on what each bulb type or color does?
What do the numbers mean on the info bar on the left? I get an engine has an efficiency of 22.1%. but what is a 54 reliability? Or a 12 sportiness? Or a 28 safety rating? Are they just place holders or does a car with a 28 safety rating mean that it has a 28% chance of injury at high speed?

Beam uses glass type to consider it a light, and whatever colour that is it’ll be an indicator, light, brake light etc.

Eff refers to how efficiant an engine is at burning it’s fuel at an average i think.

Reliability is just a number that means your car is less likely to break down

Sportiness is just a number that tells you how sporty your car is

Safety rating tells you how safe your car is, there is minimums for safety in the later years.

things like trim ET is time in months, so you have a trim et of 60, that’s 60 months. You can check in the detailed stats area to see what affects sportiness, driveability all those things.
For instance if you choose ladder chassis, your safety isn’t going to be as high as choosing monocoque chassis.

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Thank you for the help! I thought the numbers had a deeper meaning to them, but knowing what a ET is helps alot now.

It would be hard to assign any realistic, objective meaning to values as arbitrary as “sportiness” for example. And it’s just a game, in the end, not a simulation tool. Except for engineering time (in months) and production units (in man hours, IIRC) all the main stats are just ratings of how good this thing is in that category. Oh, and of course there are such things as weight, acceleration, efficiency - measurable data. Those obviously resemble a simulation - but, despite its advancement it’s a game so gameplay and development costs are above perfect accuracy. The result still are believably good overall.

As for the lights, there’s a feature planned for near future which will allow assigning lighting elements their function in Beam. (feature in the Automation exporter)

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