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What are you listening to right now?

Rather obscure but very good ELO song. Thanks to @Sillyducky for recommending the album it’s from.

Because right now what does it for me is the heaviest filthiest riffs and GOJIRA are the masters of exactly that. Also because they’re actually awesome musicians and people. And the whole album is a massive kick in the guts.


Time for a brazilian music remix
well, Baiana System is one of that bands that i hear and i cant really dont dance in it, and what i love about it? Its political af, so they teach about history and everything bad that “they made to us” still being funny af. Almost every music of them is a protest music. That one is a remix by Tropkillaz

I’m surprised this wasn’t listed as part of the mood music to CSR 120:

Especially since it was composed by Allister Brimble and remixed for RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2, of all things.

Kilo Kish is my most recent obsession

some spanish hard rock n’ stuff

For a casual wednesday

Inside Rave Gang

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Latest jam, by a local band in Northern California. Saw them in concert in December and they were pretty awesome.

サカナクション - 新宝島

Sakanaction - Shin Takarajima (New Treasure Island)

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