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What are you listening to right now?

My second favorite band of all time just released this… It gave me shivers.

drunk music

Yep, dropping more Emery for yall! I’m really loving their acoustic versions today. They recently posted these to Youtube.


Addicted to Bad Decisions

The 2000’s

Perfect 80s version of a 70s song by the artists themselves:


The song above is great, but I prefer this version

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As a rampant Metallica fan, I will say the same :wink:

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Again one of best covers (actually, there are two songs here)

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Yep, I do like what some might consider background music.

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@Hshan you’ll probably like it

Swedish 90s classic, very popular here when released in 1993 I remember…

This has been playing the last couple of days, from (unpopular opinion) the last great need for speed, NFSU2.