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What If? - A Community Thread

hhhhh I feel like I shouldn’t reply but it sounds like you want an IS but outdated, even within the original Altezza’s run (btw they did have 3S-GEs …and 2JZs so idk what you mean there). You’re right that its an entry level sports sedan, but that’s exactly what the modern IS is too. No car in 2020 would purposefully use the same engine and power output from 1998-2000 and call it a day. Times have moved on and stuff got better. Is it just the Toyota badge you want? hey if they are too luxury for you check out the interior of the new IS, feels outdated enough for Altezza vibes.


Yes, the XE30 is the same as the XE20 that was made as a Lexus. XE10 was a Toyota that was rebadged and trimmed for export, not a Lexus by design.

Yes, the Altezza was 3S, 1G and 2JZ. But the IS200 and IS300 were 1G and 2JZ. There’s no 3S IS as it doesn’t suit the luxury image, while the 3S-GE was the Altezza’s bespoke party piece built up with titanium valves by Yamaha for them.

The IS is an entry level premium sports sedan, it’s a Lexus product exclusively. The chassis is exclusively used on Lexus products that’s made for a higher spec interior and price.

Probably should’ve looked at the car file then if you think that’s what was done.

What if…

Mazda successfully established their luxury division Amati in 1994?
"It was called Amati. Its parent company was none other than Mazda, a small, independent little car company punching way, way, way above its weight. And then, in a flash, it all disappeared." - Raphael Orlove

One of Mazda’s most expensive endeavors was the Amati luxury brand. I won’t get into it too much, but check out the link here for the Wikipedia article and here for an in-depth Jalopnik retrospective. Essentially, Mazda announced a luxury marque in 1991 with models having already been engineered and prepared for sale; after Japan’s economy collapsed in early 1992, Mazda was forced to cancel the brand. The Amati 1000 was planned to be their flagship saloon complete with a V12 engine and a front-engine, rear-wheel drive platform before being shelved. But what if Amati had miraculously worked out for Mazda?

The 2018 Amati 1000 Limited 5.0 is the latest flagship machine from Mazda’s luxury marque. Equipped with a 503 horsepower 5.0 twin-turbochaged Skyactiv-G V8, the Amati 1000 is a premium performance machine. A luxurious interior complements the uniquely Japanese flavor of the exterior, inspired by the nature of Hiroshima Prefecture. LED lights use intricate surface cuts to create a sharp, innovative aesthetic. An 8-speed automatic routes power to the rear wheels, sending power to 21 inch rims on sports-compound tires. Although Mazda’s recent push upmarket threatens some of Amati’s more conservatively priced models, the 1000 remains as the Japanese automaker’s piece de resistance.

I forgot the exhausts when I took the photos lol the .car file will have exhausts

Upon Closer Inspection

Amati_1000_-_Limited_5_0.car (95.9 KB)


literal sex


Impressive work!

What if…

Mitsubishi revived the Eclipse as a coupe?

I made this pretty quickly so it’s kinda shit lol

Although the Eclipse Cross appears to be a relative success, it would be interesting to see imagine what Mitsubishi could’ve done with the famed nameplate. This example would utilize the same 1.5 liter turbocharged inline-4 that the Eclipse cross uses, but with extra boost to produce 190 horsepower mated to a 6-speed manual and front-wheel drive.

Upon Closer Inspection

Mitsubishi_Eclipse_-_GT.car (47.2 KB)

What if...
The first gen Honda NSX was a sedan?
well here you go.

bruh you want more?



yo how are you gonna fit a V6 inbetween the rear axle and the 2nd row?

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Ah, I see that you have no idea how it works
It’s a feature.
Passenger grill is the name.

New Sedan Unknown Variable

please elaborate then.

i’m interested

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In 1969, Volvo ended production of their popular Duett van.

They tried to replace it with the Express, a raised roof version of the Volvo 145, without too much success.

But what if…there would have been a direct successor to the Duett instead?

This is my vision of how it could have looked.
I tried to borrow styling cues from the Amazon, P1800, 140 and 164 models to make it fit in.
Also did some parts sharing, like the taillights that are supposed to be from the Amazon, which would have saved some money on what was a pure workhorse anyway.


So as the passengers in the rear opens the door
they will be greeted by a rack
then they will lay on it and watch the engine heat up
eventually they will be grilled


What if…

Porsche never stopped making the 944/968


Built using the same techniques as the new 992 generation 911, taking design cues from the 992 generation 911, Panamera, and Macan. With a 3L Inline 4 like the original 944, and a turbocharger from the base model.


Porsche_944_-_Carrera.car (57.2 KB)


I don’t like to be the “well acktually” guy, but it’s too tempting lol. iirc, the 924 had a 2.0, the 944 had a 2.5, and the 968 had the 3.0. No big deal tho, and I really like the concept, I think the front-engined Porsche coupes are underrated.

944 S2 1989-91 3.0l

Ahh, that makes sense then. Early models had the 2.5 and the 3.0 came out for the last few years.

What if…

Subaru made a direct successor to the SVX/predecessor to the BRZ for the beginning of the 21st century?

One of the strangest Subaru models produced was the Alcyone SVX - it was so strange that it never received a proper successor. Some argue that the BRZ was the next generation of the SVX, but this prototype bridges the current BRZ and the SVX right in the middle in the year 2000 as the Alcyone BRZ. It combines a JDM-spec EJ20 turbo engine, a 6-speed manual, and AWD for a sportier driving experience compared to the Grand Touring style of the SVX.

Upon Closer Inspection

Subaru_Alcyone_BRZ_-_LS-L.car (66.9 KB)


[everyone liked that]


I love this kind of challenges. So much fuel for creativity! Here’s one from me. What if some manufacturer rebooted AMC and instead of going for the obvious choices they go straight to make a 2020 Rebel The Machine to fight the “big” three muscle offers?

AMC_Rebel_-_The_Machine.car (56.2 KB)

(I’m amazed by how I managed to beat the Polestar 1 body into a muscle car shape)