What is/was the worst car that competed in CSR?

I was at a family birthday party today and I just randomly thought to myself, “what was the worst car to compete in CSR?”, and so I posted this.

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I was at my desk today and I just randomly stumbled across this thread and thought to myself, “what contribution does this make to the forums at all?”, and so I posted this.


I have to agree.

On another note, SOFA SUPERCOUCH

on that note, what happened to csr 74

I’m pretty sure it happened before you joined the forum, don’t worry about it

Since it’s my 5th CSR since joining the forum. I wonder myself too. My thought is to what extent is the worse. Was it deliberate to be bad. Maybe it deals with Furry mods? So many questions…

What kind of shit show is this even suppose to be.

#irl_cartalk but on the Automation forums, of course