What part of your design takes the longest?

What do you tend to focus the most on? (EXTERIOR)

For me, I’ve noticed that while I DO take my time on the front end…the rear end tends to take the most time since Im TRYING to integrate it with the front as best as possible.

Questions like, is this too much…too little… CONSTANTLY circulate.

I havent even really dived completely into the 3d world, but I have deleted/erased portions of vehicles and rebuilt them with piss poor results. So I know that stuff takes HELLA time!!

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For me, it’s the interior (if I choose to make one), otherwise it’s the front and/or rear end.

A few options.

Refinements, refinements, refinements - if I had the general idea for the design and it worked, but something is still a bit off. This can take an indefinite amount of time until I’m happy with the result.

Custom made grilles and/or headlights - sometimes I come up with very intricate designs with dozens of elements and custom cutouts. Sometimes repeated if the result is not good enough.

And interior. Made one so far, picking the right fixtures for totally incorrect applications (considering what they actually are) can take a lot.

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I find interior fixtures time consuming to the point of being irritating. I can spend hours on end fiddling with suspension or engine settings no problem, but trying to make a realistic looking door panel makes me want to smash my keyboard sometimes. I’ve built a few fully engineered cars for various competitions and never finished them just to avoid doing another interior.

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I definitely find matching the rear to the front the hardest. I’ll either end up with a piece of crap or I’ll have to change the front because the back was too good.

Interiors aren’t much of a bother for me, I’d say theyre pretty easy since every fixture is 3D, it’s going to look the same every time, so you know what pieces you can use pretty easily for certain things.
Conforming parts change though, and getting a cohesive flow is difficult. I don’t think we’ve reached the “insane” stage of interior building yet either to be honest. Since there’s no conforming or cutting out of certain bits, fixtures can only match door lines and things so well, and nobody is trying to make an entire interior out of bumperbars just yet.

For me, it depends on the model year. If it’s 70’s through 90’s, the big slowdown for me is, as I call it, “Circling the car.” In other words, matching the front to the rear with little tweaks here and there, tying the front to the back with trim pieces, trying to decide what paint to use.

If it’s pre-70’s or post 90’s, the big slowdown is just trying to get a design started. What grille looks good, do these lights fit the car, which turn signals should I use, do these rims look like total arse, and then finally, “God, I hate this car.”

If it’s past about 2005, I can spend 3 hours staring at a car that’s mechanically complete, and end up giving up on it because I can’t design modern. “Is the grille big enough? Can I make these lights thinner without being ridiculous? How am I supposed to replicate that out of fixtures!? Why do all these cars have to look so damn angry and aggressive all the time?” By the time I grit my teeth and get something designed, it looks like crap, but I’ve sunk so much time into it that I have to lie to myself and say it looks good because otherwise I’ve just wasted my time.

Interiors in general take a long time, but that’s because I tend to try my hand at making each one a little unique even though I’m heavily abusing the 80’s car parts kit.

For me it’s always the rear of the car, whilst trying to think of a design that would work with the rest of the car and for cabriolets, i tend to focus more on the interior if i decide to make it open-top.

Migration of the interior would be useful for these tasks. As I have already suggested once.

Interior design!! It’s so hard to think about where to put things so I just put stuff places lol

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