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What's a decent non polluter emissions #

for this game?

@Hshan I swear I looked for a similar thread before posting lol, I’m SURE you’ll find the answer SOMEWHERE.

Depends highly on the year I would say. A car that was considered clean in 1980 would probably be a polluter by 2020 standards.


Well, since you’ve pinged me for some obscure reason, I’ll tell you.

I have no idea because I’ve never cared about it, as I usually build decently up-to-date engines which just by that end up with probably sensible emissions. I hope you’re happy with that info :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It would interesting to have g of CO2/mile numbers, but it’s obviously easier for devs to just use made-up 1-9999 units than implement realistic units.

CO2 emissions are directly related to the fuel consumtion so they can actually be converted from there. Emissions like HC, NOx, CO and particles are a different story.


Thing is the more CO2 produced means the more efficient the engine is burning fuel. But that’s a greenhouse gas so it’s forbidden. I guess all those CO2-consuming plants and trees don’t exist then.

Meaningful difference in CO2 for the same amount for used fuel would mean going back to some ancient levels of hydrocarbon emissions. Really ancient. For an engine compliant with pretty much any emission regulations (for example, Euro 1) it can be assumed that amount of CO2 per burned fuel of a given type is constant. More CO2 = more burned fuel. For the same power and car that means less efficiency.

Also, plants have their limits.


The best thing you can do for this is to try to build ECO markets cars and see what values they like