Willowbanks Raceway v1

Willowbank Raceway is located 30-45 minutes west of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia and is home to the Winternationals, which is held in June each year and is the largest championship drag race held outside of the United States. The Winternationals showcases everything from Top Fuel dragsters, the nitro methane-burning kings of the sport down to Junior Dragsters.

Other group one categories to be seen at Willowbank include the supercharged sedans of Top Doorslammer, Funny Cars and Dragsters in Top Alcohol, carburettored sedans in Pro Stock, nitro-burning Top Fuel Bikes and Pro Stock Motorcycles.

Willowbank Raceway also has several rounds of it’s Track Championship where group 2, 3 & 4 brackets are run. These events include SuperComp, Comp Bike, Supercharged Outlaws, Modified, Super Sedan, Modified Bike, Super Street, Junior Dragster & Super Gas.

Willowbank Raceway also stages a variety of street-oriented events on a regular basis. This enables enthusiasts to try out the performance of their own vehicles under safe, controlled conditions. These events are called Test’n’Tunes and the Street Series.

It is part of the Ipswich Motorsport Precinct, which includes a kart racing track; Ipswich Sprint Racing Circuit, a short circuit dirt racetrack; Ipswich Motor Sport Complex and bitumen racetrack Queensland Raceway.

Background track graphic from Google Earth.

== Changelog ==
v1 Tracks created. Length 100% accurate, sportiness values put in.

== Download ==
Quarter mile.zip This is the 1/4 mile strip with a split at 60 ft and 660 ft (1/8 mile)
Eighth Mile.zip And this is the 1/8 mile strip with the split at 60ft only.
Note, Automation does not have a feature to use a burnout area to warm up tires, that is not a parameter that is taken into consideration, ever.


@Darkshine5 first half is done!


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Good! It’s even served up with a plateful of Aussie character

thank you thank you thank you I can now test my cars on my IRL track thank you soo much if you ever need anything just ask

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Of course, my pleasure. This was an easy track to make. Thanks for your support!

Now I did think of something that I could ask you. I saw you were running the Drag Championship and that gave me an idea. You must know this track well, so could you fill me in on the workings of the Winternationals at Willowbanks? Maybe someday I will run a challenge similar myself.

np dude I have just got home Il’ give you some info tomorrow as it is very late

Of course, you are far ahead in time, of course. I can wait, no worries.