Your own music

Automation is a (IMHO) very relaxing game and i made very long session on it. The original sound track is great, but in the long run a bit repetive. It will be a possibility play our own music? Like an option to point a folder on the PC and the game automaticaly play that files, interrupting the playback when needed (like engine testing).

I don’t see why that shouldn’t be an option in the menu, either using the OST or a folder of your choice.


It would be cool if it could read the song’s year tag and play songs appropriate to the in game year.

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That would mean most people wouldn’t have any music before like 1955. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah ok :slight_smile: , where available, else play random :stuck_out_tongue:

I was about to say I don’t have anything prior to '55 either,but I do :open_mouth:, only 1 though.

Nazi propaganda music really does not get the love it deserves.


I just turned off the game music and play Pandora radio on my browser while I play.