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1980 Volkswagen Brasilia


Hello friends, I’m Marcus, from Brazil. I’ve recently joined the comunity, after receiving a copy of the game from a friend (audi4141, maybe he’s here). We’ve been developing mods for BeamNG for a while. Here’s my pride and joy, a VW Brasilia I’m rebuilding in the last 10 years, and is far from completed. I hope to make good friends around here.

It’s mostly stock, except for the Megasquirt EFI. I have a lot of photoshopings of it, but I’ll post this ones on the correct topic.



The Brasilia is an interesting model, sort of like the Mk1 Golfs aircooled half-sibling design-wise but with some traces of the type 4 too. Will be following this with great interest.


It’s like “what if VW never bought Audi but still tried to make the Golf”.


There actually was (maybe is?) a Brasilia in Denmark some years ago…rare bird here in scandinavia.


That scenario happened lots of times.


Duuuuude that is a seriously nice car you have there!


Welcome dude!

And you have a pretty curious car, which is cool!


Thank you! Here are a collage with a timeline. 1998 is when the previous owner painted and "customized"it. 2008 when by dad brought it, 2015 right before i’ve dismantled it for painting. New pics will be added when I finishied rebuilding it. I’ve also posted some of my photoshops of it on the corretct thread.


Welcome! Very nice car you have here. Not something I’ve ever really seen before.