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1980 Volkswagen Brasilia


Hello friends, I’m Marcus, from Brazil. I’ve recently joined the comunity, after receiving a copy of the game from a friend (audi4141, maybe he’s here). We’ve been developing mods for BeamNG for a while. Here’s my pride and joy, a VW Brasilia I’m rebuilding in the last 10 years, and is far from completed. I hope to make good friends around here.

It’s mostly stock, except for the Megasquirt EFI. I have a lot of photoshopings of it, but I’ll post this ones on the correct topic.



The Brasilia is an interesting model, sort of like the Mk1 Golfs aircooled half-sibling design-wise but with some traces of the type 4 too. Will be following this with great interest.


It’s like “what if VW never bought Audi but still tried to make the Golf”.


There actually was (maybe is?) a Brasilia in Denmark some years ago…rare bird here in scandinavia.


That scenario happened lots of times.


Duuuuude that is a seriously nice car you have there!


Welcome dude!

And you have a pretty curious car, which is cool!


Thank you! Here are a collage with a timeline. 1998 is when the previous owner painted and "customized"it. 2008 when by dad brought it, 2015 right before i’ve dismantled it for painting. New pics will be added when I finishied rebuilding it. I’ve also posted some of my photoshops of it on the corretct thread.


Welcome! Very nice car you have here. Not something I’ve ever really seen before.


Just washed it for the first time in almost 2 years. At least it got out and in the garage by it’s own power. A new carb is needed before hitting the road again.


Guys, remember to close the holes on your fuel tanks when you leave them out of the car for 2 years. Just had to clean my freshly rebuild fuel line and carburettor bc there was dirt from the tank everywhere.


If you look on the previous photos, the car was using a stock beetle (peashooter) exhaust. It isn’t bad, but we kept burning our legs on the tips. So I’ve made a new tail pipe for it today:

After installing, I’ve decided to cut the tip I’ve made off and put one of the chrome beetle tips:

I know it looks restritive, but the stock exhaust for a Brasilia is exactally like this, only with the tip going to the other side.

A new exhaust is planned for the future, but it’s not a priority right now.
Also, did I told you I’m a wasteland mechanic?

It’s a long sleeve shirt with jeans pants parts sewed to it. My mother made it after seen me welding without proper protection. Also I’m holding the bench grinder post that I’ve recently made for our workshop.


Some proper classic right there. Great to see people devoted to keeping these old ones up and running! Nice ride! :smiley:


This is the steering wheel on the car:


This middle plate broke during the repaint, and the horn button was relocated to the dash.
Also, it’s missing the stock center button (witch isn’t good looking on my opinion)

So I’ve made a new plate out of scrap plastic and painted it yellow. Now it needs a prancing donkey :joy:

Also I’m making a undertray.

It will look like this when finished:

Fun fact: This undertrays are called “steel chest” on front engine cars. So maybe this is an " steel a** " ?

PS: I’ve also swapped the gearbox to half axle rubbers and put new oil on the gearbox. The VW gearboxes’ drain plugs are concave with an allen hole, so to remove it, I had to weld a bolt onto a one meter steel bar to get it unstuck.


Just finished the steel a**. The holes are for oil changes and a little ventilation. It is hinged at the front for further engine works.