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Marcus_GT500's Cars


I’ll try to take on it again. We just had a heatwave here, temps stayed at about 40ºC for 3 weeks. Everyone stayed in low energy consumption mode. And my garage isn’t isolated, so the car was as hot as I had just welded on it for this period. The only thing I was able to do was the shifter relocation and pedals.

But thanks for asking.


Of course! It’s an awesome project and the final result I know will be epic! I do forget sometimes that as temperatures cool down here, they warm up south of the equator.

Thanks for the update!


Ok, I’ll ask some opinions here. In case you guys aren’t following the thread from the beginning, this is how the Brasilia looked like in 1998 (I was about 4, and it was far from being ours).


To me, it was only a slightly better interpretation of a car used by a terrible band at the time, but then @HighOctaneLove said:

Also, removing that bodykit was a smart move, IMO, the car looks great stock and that kit wasn’t complete enough to pull off the 80’s Euro tuner vibe it’s trying to give off!

To be honest, I never have though of it that way, but now I can see the similarities! So what I’ve decided to do is take my 3d printable Brasilia to Tinkercad, design the old bodykit over it, and ask you guys what can I add/mod to make it full 80’s Euro tuner! I’ll print and share it here at the end!

I even made a Pinterest album with some of my favorite cars from the theme:

So, what do you guys think?


OK, for starters, you’ll need heavily widened fender flares with lots of strakes…

80’s Tuners

It was fashionable to put the face of a sportier model on the tuned car as well, with the above link having at least two cars using different front fascia’s than stock.

More 80’s tuner pics

Bonus marks if you integrate a rear wing into the side strakes… You also will need a sunroof, IMO, as they massively amp up the cool factor!

The quality cars start with a red Scirocco and the best examples are at the bottom!

You’ll need multi-piece wheels and it helps if the centre is colour coded to the car’s paint colour. The outer rim should be either chrome or polished aluminium. You need to paint the car in a really striking colour; like bright red, blinding white, LEGO yellow or Bogliq blue!!!

The flares need to be boxy but look factory (assuming they took drugs first) unless the car was really rounded, like the Porsche 928 at the start of the forum thread in the third link… Look to tuned Golf and Scirocco GTi’s for inspiration since they tended to crib off of the factory hot rods style; only with the volume cranked to eleven!!!

I think your render is 90% there tbh; a sunroof, more rear flare (starting from the “B” pillar and ending at the back corner while also incorporating actual air intakes) plus a couple of spoilers (Above and below the rear window) and she’ll be a beast of uncommon beauty!


I really like the look of your stock bright yellow Brasilia and it’s much better compared to the bodykit version. Really good looking car :+1:

IMO somehow this 80s tuner style :-1: Widening arches could look good, but no in the boxy 80s style, but more in 70s round/soft style, like Alfa Junior GTA


Can’t agree more with that bit of advice - back in the 80s, color-coded wheel centers were a common accessory for many tuning kits.


I don’t have many other ideas than to maybe look at Mk1 Golf builds from the 80s. I have always seen the Brasilia’s styling as the Golf from an alternate timeline where VW stayed aircooled and RR and yeah, I know, small 412 up front, but if VW had stayed rear engined maybe they would have carried on with that front styling, they kind of tried a modernized version on the 1988 Passat…

So, I think that much of the stuff that is working well on a Golf would, in slightly altered versions, maybe fit a Brasilia too.


@HighOctaneLove First, thanks for the albums! I’ll enjoy them as a good wine! Also, that’s a great crash course! I’ll look into it and come back with the progress.

@B4nditOo That’s a good alternative! This is just a fun design study, so don’t take it too seriously. On the real car, I hope I never mess with bodywork from a good amount of years! And thanks!

@abg7 written down, thanks!

@Knugcab I wish that’s what had happened! Brazilian designer Marcio Piancastelli and his team made all that they could for it to be a reality, but it wasn’t to be.


As fun as it was to visualise your Brasilia as an 80’s tuner car, this comment gave me a strong sense of relief; it would be a tragedy to hack up your car as it’s way too nice!

This actually sums up what I observed in the pictures I saw really well. The best 80’s tuners used factory cues, amplified them so they were more aggressive, then (ironically) somewhat subtly introduced extra design elements that would compliment the uber-OEM style they’d created.


Talking about upper end front swaps. Passat headlights and grille on a Brasilia. I’ll mess with it a little more when I got the time.