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Marcus_GT500's Cars


Still easy to get Mavericks in Brazil? I guess that it would make my father jealous then, he has been wanting one for a while but they are almost impossible to find in Sweden…:joy:


They’re pretty rare here too. And there’s the “V8 GT” virus. Doesn’t matter if it was a Super Luxo, a base model, I6, I4, when they get restored, they almost always came out with a V8 swapped and with the GT stripes, even though they were the least produced ones. This blue one is a rare case of a base trim with the I6 engine that was kept stock. American cars are super rare here in general, not only they were few when new, most were banger raced in the late 80’s. I’d love to have a Galaxie 500 myself.


Ah, were your Mavericks imported from the states? I thought that they were made in Brazil but you learn something new every day I guess.

To disappoint you somewhat, he wants one since he has all the parts to build a quite hot FE V8 so any original restoration is out of the question, ironically since he wants a lighter car for it than his…Galaxie 500. :joy:

He has always been into US Fords so I have kind of grown up around them even if most of them aren’t 100% my cup of tea, but well, since I never had the ambition to turn your thread into a monologue about myself I should maybe stop here… :smiley:


No, they were produced here. Brazil had a military lockdown for about 3 decades, so cars had to be made here, even if copying a complete foreign project. It’ just that for every American car produced, 1500 beetles were made. And VW brought out or killed executives of several other companies to remove them from the market. And the gas and paperwork is and has always been one of the most expensive in the world. And the majority of the population were poor. See why American V8 cars were rare? On a lighter note, I’ve finished the led tail lights of the Brasilia. Will take some pictures on the weekend before posting here.


Yeah, absolutely, fact is that I have heard something about that so I was quite surprised if you should have gotten US Mavericks. But now I understand, yes.


This car’s rear lights looked like this:

Not winning any looks or safety points here. Also, I’ve been playing with lighting materials a little way too much.

So let’s crack them open and cut out the internal housings, shall we?

Then a new 3D printed internal structure is created to hold the LED stripes and the 4 part lenses together.

All build up

And wired

I printed some bars that bridge the screws, so the lens stay put. 2 of them are smooth, the other 2 are these. The number is “MV DESIGN” in decimal.

The licence plate light was burnt so I LEDed it too. Even used the old bulb to transfer power.

Done and done. Couldn’t be happier with this one.

I also got a pair of DRLs on the same shipping of the LED strip, so will I just slap them with the included double sided tape? Noooo, I HaVe tO pRinT a CoMpLeX cAsE.


Also, that’s Tiffany, my friend’s '61 Beetle. I designed and printed the bumper light grille on it.

PS: Noticed the tails are full ON on all the pics. The upper and lowermost stripes are brakes, the middle one is turn signal (flashes) and the 2 betwheen them are tail lights. I used a pipe to hold the brakes for the photos.


That’s awesome! I wish I had those kinds of fabrication skills. Amazing job, looks great! Nice touch on the in-game replica too! Hard to distinguish from the real thing at first glance - which is a credit both to your creativity and the awesome sandbox with which the devs have worked tirelessly to create for us.


Looks way cooler at night now, great job.


Not going to say its all perfect. Training and taking risk is needed. I was on the edge of my nerve cracking them open, broke 2 of the lens, got 2 chipped edges, hated the soldering with no fan in my 40 deg C room, had to unwillingly put screws on the lens (gluing the frame didn’t worked) and had to replace all the leds but the reverse for red ones after done. So go out and try stuff untill you’re good. Also thanks devs for letting me visualize stuff before making.