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1986 SuperCar Robostrop Challenge - Entry closes 15th July


So, what do you guys think… i can’t decide if i’m going to go with replica car or original?

Replica - RX7-fc with non-replica engine (turbocharged 2.6 liter v6 @ 327 hp)

Or original - Scarab Nebula MR350 -86 (turbocharged 4 liter v8 @ 350 hp)

Both are within regulations and handles good but differently as on is MR and one is FR (FMR really as the engine sits behing the front wheels)

I would like to send them both, but as the rules states one submission, and i have a hard time chosing.


Here is my entry the Lynx 400 GT

5.0l V12 making 350bhp@6500rpm
1371kg all steel body


1986 Greil Mystletainn

Some quick and simple numbers for you about the Mystletainn:
410 HP


Yeah… I’m screwed :\


The RX7 is iconic as a sports car and we’ve not had many JDM Type entries… so personally, I prefer that - but they both look great!


looks awesome! looking forward to benchmarking it in the comp.


Just so you know guys - you can submit anytime on the 15th, I won’t scoop the entries until the 16th…


1986 Boulder Boxline SW4 RS TwinTurbo

The Boulder Boxline SW4 was a bespoke version of Boulder’s Boxline SWB compact SUV, featuring 4-wheel independent suspension, fiberglass bodywork with huge fender flares, and a turbocharged, AWD layout. It was intended to compete in Group B rallying. However, by the time the vehicle was ready for competition in 1985, Peugeot’s tube frame, mid-engine 205 T16 had proven that production-based, front-engined rally cars were no longer truly competitive. The Boulder competed in a few events in 1985 but was not particularly successful.

In 1986, rather than creating additional homologation or competition models, Boulder took the widebody, fiberglass frankenstein of a trucklet in a different direction. The RSTT (RWD, Street, Twin Turbo) changed the homologation special into a brawny, luxurious muscle truck. Instead of the proprietary, high-strung 2.1L DOHC I5 turbo from the rally homologation model, the RSTT used of a modified version of a large, aluminum-block SOHC V6 already in mass production. Featuring a 4 valve head, electronic port fuel injection, twin turbos, and a displacement of 4.4 liters, it sends 350 hp to the rear wheels through a 4 speed automatic. The interior borrows from the Turból parts bin, with deep bucket seats swathed in rich velour and thick application of sound deadening. ABS came standard, a first for any Boulder model.

Quick Specs:

Engine: 4.4L twin turbo V6, 350 hp, 315 lbft torque
Transmission: 4 speed automatic
0-62 mph: 4.8s.
1/4 mile: 12.9s
Top Speed: 152 mph
Weight: 1042 kg

I admit this was a bit of a rush job. I hadn’t initially planned on entering, but after work today I was curious to see if I could modify one of my Group B cars to fit the criteria, which, by the time I had got there, I would have felt silly not to enter it. In hindsight, it would have been wiser to use mu pre-existing ‘85 Premium GT car as a base rather than a rally car, but too late for that now. Styling is more basic than I would like, but I was up against the clock. I also didn’t get the chance to test it in beam, so how it performs will be interesting, to say the least.


im too lazy to make anything but here

a revamp of the car i made for another challenge that i forgot what the name was… originally a 1982 car. the Grehet Supremacy.

now if only someone can help me find which competition it was from

edit nvm found it


Where are the results of the challenge? Or did I miss something?


In his Discord group man. Your car did pretty fuckin’ well and went to the finals.


Oh cool! Thanks, but I find Discord quite cumbersom and impractical. By time, I’ll take a look. Thank you!


Np, man.
Discord does seem daunting at first tho ngl. But 3 years of usage later, it feels much better to me. Cheers and GL with your car!


Okay, and in which channel can I see how the entrants did? I only see fractals of conversation and some cars with no ratings.

Wow, I did indeed pretty well! Awesome! Well let’s see how I will fare. But alas, it’s different if you drive my cars in BeamNG. In every CSR, I drive my cars in Beam and want them to handle as I intend, not what the best stats in Automation are.


You go to #announcements for judgement and, well, announcements.


[Uploading…] Hey everyone - results!

places 17 to 21 were eliminated on points.

Positions 11 to 16 were given a drive off - the weakest two were then also eliminated.

Both the Marilyn works and Noob Entusiasta cars suffered from a heavy engined mid-rear setup which means they had a lot more pendulum effect than the other cars - neither would have had much of a chance against the other entries - which are all very high quality!

I’m going to drive all the entries quickly, and eliminate any that stand out as poor to drive or fundamentally dynamically flawed.

The rest will get lots of drive time which will be recorded - the lowest-scoring cars from the first round will be driven on video first, this gives the high scores a better chance as I’ll have more track time on the course.

The entries have been super high quality - so its easy to get knocked out and I am sorry to everyone I have eliminated! However, this is a brutal one winner only competition soo… :smiley:

After the first round of video driving, I think I’ll narrow it down to a final 5 - and then decide a winner and final order for the top 5 there.!

Data from rules check:

First and second round of Eliminations


I’m anxious to know the results!


Oh wow, I can’t believe my entry topped the stats part! Literally a first in any comp for me :smiley:


You may be pleased to know that it also squeezed past my (unofficial) entry by about 4 points, albeit I am running on a 50% budget penalty, but on the other hand, in this particular challenge, it’s actually difficult to run out the budget so that doesn’t count for as much.


Ahm, so, how’s it going? Challenge ended? Who won?