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1986 SuperCar Robostrop Challenge - Entry closes 15th July


Cookie tends to update the discord more than the forums. AFAIK he’s doing the video drives and the video will be in editing. No idea what the ETA is though.


Hi Everyone - quick update on the competition.

The next step is a video containing the styling scores and the automation judging scores.

No one will be eliminated at that stage, that stage is over.

Then after that, there will be the video of the long drives around the course.

The winner will be declared then, or there may be another video with the final 3 or final 5 - which the final winning order will be determined.

I’ll get it done ASAP - my work hours vary a lot so I don’t know when it will be done but I will get it done as soon as I can!


Well, since it’s been two weeks now, did this challenge die out or are you in vacation?


Cookie did say on discord that vacation is coming up shortly so the video should follow!