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1987 Toyota MR2


What on earth is with that eclectic bastardisation of ethnic symbology on the bonnet? :astonished:

On a somewhat related note let me just crank up Laserhawk…


Toyota was looking to Europe for design cues to spice up the image of the MR2. So they took the eagle and tried to capitalize on the European idea of a sports car. It’s just an icon to try to identify with the lightweight European sports cars of the 60’s/70’s, because that’s more or less the purpose of the AW11. I’ve heard/seen some people call it a phoenix or a firebird. Apparently in true Toyota form the characters “M”, “R”, and “2” are symbolically represented/hidden in there somewhere (but I think this was the later version of the bird, affectionately referred to as the “screaming chicken”)

EDIT: The thing is in the end it has some cheesy figurative meaning that no one really understands. Some speculate that the badge represents “aerodynamic beauty through evolution”


Time for a small but overdue update.

I’ve slowly been picking away at the rust, seems to be worse than I thought in the front wheel wells. I finally got a jack and stands to work under it, but ran into the trouble of the jack not fitting under the front lip. After some hard work, I got the lip off, slide the jack under… and it’s higher than the jack point. I’ll need to get creative this weekend to jack it up.


Or just do as I said and get the wheels onto some wood blocks or something


Very good car. But care with the rust.

I have a friend with one, and soon he will let me drive.

Enjoy it!


Another good weekend of work on the MR2. I dismantled most of the interior and some of the exterior to tackle the rust.

I found a lot of snake skins after removing an interior panel.

I also found the the rust around the driver’s side wheel well is worse than anticipated… but around the passenger side isn’t as bad. I could Flintstone it from the driver’s side, but not the passenger side.


No photos of the ninja turkey? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, that was a very quick thing. I was listening for the ice cream truck getting closer; didn’t expect a wild turkey to come flying out of a bush next time.


Most commonly used phrase when describing rust on the MR2 :joy:


I owned an '88 MR2, and a '91, both N/A cars. Loved them. The first gen MR2 is like a go-kart on steroids, but with less wind and 2-cycle smoke. Not the fastest car I’ve ever owned, but the handling is phenomenal, and the sensation of speed is huge. You can’t help but drive with a big smile on, in one of them.

Best of luck fixing yours up! Hope it turns out exactly the way you want it!