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1991 Great Archanean Trek [FINAL RESULTS]


That’s ok. But not in Automation or while driving normally.


Ok, thanks


Time for Van Gang Mk.2 @EddyBT?


Well those vans better be equipped to beat a Golf Kart


My vans tend to be able to carry five or six golf carts. The joys of horrendously unreliable suspension.


Is there a specific type of tyre you want us to use?


As per general rules.


Sorry, I didn’t saw it


Also, should we make a road going version of the car too?


Use the edit function to avoid double posting.

No, for submission a road going version is not needed. Any background on a road going version is appreciated as filler.


@Private_Miros I’m sorry…

Intoducing - The MemeKart, featuring some sort of racing engine…


Ha! I’m fine with this really :slight_smile:

Not sure it needs a racing engine with that low weight.


will you limit the amount of wings?


No, as long as it fits under all the rules.


@CC9020 Aw yiss


Still manages to weigh 1000 kg’s but the engine isn’t that powerful, actually kinda tame considering my past


Cannot wait to try it out :slight_smile:


If entering 2 buggies, do they need to be of the same type or can they be two different models?


They must be different, even.

Although I don’t mind if engines are reused.


I also forgot to ask if it;s ok to have an obvious place for a number plate to mount, such as a flat area of a bumper (This is mainly because I forgot to add one to the rear of my golf kart and cba to re-export it)