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1999 Toyota Corolla 1.3 G6



I t l i v e s


Good as new!


So, since the above engine mess and head gasket replacement job again, and arrival of the Blade, the Corolla had pretty much been sat outside, ran around a couple of times but not very far due to trust issues in my own work. After noticing that sitting outside wasn’t really doing that rust in the rear end any good, I cleared some space in my garage and stuck it inside.

Fast forward to today. Got a nice reminder last week that the MOT was due. Last year emissions had been borderline, so was expecting a fail based on the catalyst having had a ton of coolant dumped through it since then, and the car having just been stood.

I have been considering getting rid of it in favour of something else daft, and expected the worst. The clutch is still a bit iffy, the battery was dead, the tyres had lost some air, the brakes were sticking on, I wasn’t exactly in a hopeful position and was expecting a massive fail sheet, sort of cementing the decision I had been trying to hold off on for as long as I could.

I usually have some sort of prep when a car’s going in for MOT, but in this instance I just jumped it, put some air in the tyres and made sure the handbrake had freed itself off. I played it some of the music of it’s people - Eurobeat - on the way to the garage, and was reminded that even with it’s sometimes questionable downshifting and worrying engine I put together, it is a really light fun thing to drive.

Parked it up, dropped off the keys and went on my merry way to find a burger, trying to not worry about it, resigned to the fact it was probably at the end of it’s reasonable life and then some.

Erm, wrong. It’s still a Toyota Corolla you prune.

The exhaust apparently is not leaking gas, but there’s a small dribble of condensation coming out of it at times - I can’t feel too aggrieved as it’s still the original put on there in 1998. Bulb was a huge 40 pence.

The problem this leaves me with now is it’s still in a state where it’s got enough annoying bits to not use it everyday, and that if I run it through another salty winter it really will be it’s last. What to do? I’ve tried a few body shops and not sure any of them want the work, most have said they just won’t do it or have quoted 4 figures, and even if I went with that I’d be at a point where I was still left with a slightly higher mileage, not interesting to most if extremely rare Corolla.

A close friend has also bought another E11 Corolla which I’ve had a few drives of recently and after driving this properly again, it’s reminded me why I like them so much, but I think even the most dedicated would be close to giving up with this one by now. This will probably go quiet again while it sits and I decide what to do come the salt in the winter. I still haven’t had all the E11 variants just yet…