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2005 GTCC - Global touring car championship


I do understand where you’re coming from, but my car is supposed to be a hot-hatch, not a sports coupe. Yes it looks similar to a sports coupe, but I morphed the rear window as far back as it would go to the rear of the car. And the production version would have fullsize 3 rear seats and a large trunk-space, etc. Also the wheelbase is 2.53 M, so longer than 2.5.


The game classes it as a coupe, so It’s a Coupe.


Can you update the post with the entry list?


Smooth Bane SR

Ugly yes but power to weight should be decent.


So it’s a speed-bump. A bump that’s really fast.



Team: Scuderia Accursio

  • Established in 1967, Scuderia Accursio has had a variety of success over its 5-decade existence in both endurance racing and touring car racing. While dominant in its early years, Scuderia Accursio has been overtaken by other teams in funding and size due to the team’s commitment on having no sponsors, and it’s parent company, Accursio, being overtaken by many industry giants in terms of revenue. Neither the less, the team has been able to string a number of championships in the recent years owing to trademark design of Accursio, keeping things light to go fast.

Driver: Alfonso Benevenstanciano

  • Known for both being one of the most famous Sammarinese athletes and as the backbone of Scuderia Accursio, Alfonso Benevenstanciano has been a part of the team for almost its entire existence. Originally being picked for the team in order to promote local Sammarinese within motorsport, Benevenstanciano has seen consistent success since his debut in the 1971 ETCC season. While being one of the youngest drivers to participate in touring car history at the age of 16, Benevenstanciano is on the pace of being one the longest active drivers in history as the now 51-year old has no intention of “retiring soon”

Car: 2005 Accursio Cavia Corsa

  • While the original Accursio Cavia was just an ordinary commuter in order to replace the ageing “Accursio 600” in 1971, It became something completely else with the emergence of hot-hatches in the early 80s, Cavia Corsa was created in 1981, a sporty hatchback that was able to pace up its German competitors due it sharing a bulk of its parts to the company’s flagship coupe. The Cavia Corsa, now in its 4th generation, continues the same heritage as it did in 1981, being a Cricetto that does more than weekends.


Does body morphing affect weight?


It did in kee engine and also it affected the weight distribution. Not sure it does now, I’ve got very little play time with ue4 game…


It does, at least with the fenders


So how will this unfold now, whats the game plan?


I now have all the flying lap tracks. I will do the 1st race around the deadline, maybe on the 3rd or 4th


The suspense is killing me! :slight_smile:


Due to logistics and transpiration issues, Scuderia Accursio will have to withdraw the 2005 GTCC season.

(My PC’s PSU failed, which means I never got to submit the car in time, good luck to everyone who actually managed to enter)


Entries are now closed. 1st race soon


Must be on rain delay :grin:


sorry, i have been out the last few days, race is in progress


puts on beer hat and whistles from the grandstand


well, i was just typing the results and then i noticed i only had 13 sets for 14 people. It was my fault as i deleted one too many rows in the spread sheet. Luckily, it wont take long for me to fix


this is your presenter Eddy Southcott here, taking a look at the highlights of GTCC’s 2005 season. Here are the results for this race"
1st: @Aaron.W, in the TSR, a great race for this car today. 12 pts
2nd: @AirJordan, this odd looking car was a monster on the circuit, and could be competition for TSR. 10 pts
3rd: @Chickenbiscuit, in the LMC. Seabeast pulled this out the sack today and got a solid start in this season! 8 pts
4th: @Nicholander, in the Takemi, this coupe peformed well all round and finished less than a second ahead of 5th place. 6 pts
5th: @HardRooster, with jammin jenny. A close battle between this and the takemi ended in nico’s favour, but still a few points were earned. 4 pts
6th: @bastormonger in the W&R, very close again to jenny, could be some fierce competition! 3 pts
7th: @Nivracer, in some wagon, it may not have a name but it still scooped up 2 points. 2 pts
8th: @Echowaffle8 in the Aeros. It may only be 1 point, but the Aeros is in contention still! 1 pt
9th: @machalel in the Ios, just missed the scoop but was just seconds behind the Aeros 0 pts
10th: @Dinkley in the Albion, again only missing out on points marginally but this was one of the best looking cars and a crowd favourite 0 pts
11th: @Jaimz in the FW HIway, this car was involved in point battles, but it could come out stronger on other courses.0 pts
12th: @Private_Miros in the PMI, not a great show, but this car showed promise for other races 0 pts
13th: @HighOctaneLove in the bogliq, a popular car company showing its famous light blue, yet not the fastest car on the grid. 0 pts
14th: @Alib in the Bramble, another fairly mundane show but this car shows promise for later in the season. Also was the best sounding car here. 0 pts
15th: @Madrias in the sinistra, not a great show but again a promising enough car fro later on. 0 pts
1: @Aaron.W 12 pts
2. @AirJordan 10 pts
3: @Chickenbiscuit 8 pts
4: @Nicholander 6 pts
5: @HardRooster 4pts
6: @bastormonger 3 pts
7: @Nivracer 2 pts
8: @Echowaffle8 1 pt
joint 9th: @machalel, @Dinkley, @Jaimz. @Private_Miros, @HighOctaneLove, @Alib, @Madrias with 0 pts

gtccresults.zip (39.5 KB)
Excel file with results in ZiP, thanks to computah for the spreadsheet and some help with it


“one of the best looking cars, and a crowd favourite”

Excellent! So I will at least be able to sell merchandise to pay the bills haha! :smiley: