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2005 Mini Cooper S


That’s right, I got another car. The Lincoln had to go, so I decided to replace it with something even more unreliable. A 2005 Mini Cooper S. With 144,000 Miles. In British Racing green. It had been sitting on a dealership lot, he wanted 5,000$ for it. After a month of simply sitting there, he lowered the price to 4,000$, I jumped at the oppurtunity, and made the final purchase for $3,300.

But who cares about the numbers, what matters is how it drives. I’ve only had it for a few days, and only given it the full send twice, but man this thing is a blast. A supercharged one. Plans for modifications are light, immediate modifications are going to be meaningless cosmetics a new exhaust is on the forefront, with hope later for an ECU remap.

But I’m so happy the way it is right now, and hey, what could possibly go wrong with a BMW assembled in England, powered by Chrysler engines nobody wanted? Basically bywords for reliability.


How much power are you planning on making? Anyways, nice car! :smiley:


But sir, I think you meant to write "what could possibly go wrong with a Rover assembled in England under the orders of BMW, powered by engines created by Chrysler in conjunction with Rover?


Looks like fun, congrats and good luck!

It’s funny… we’re both from NY… and we both got rid of Lincolns to buy imports. :joy:


I thought the Mini was originally an Austin.


That’s a cute little car! I’ve always admired the Mini for its charm, and I totally forgot it was supercharged instead of turbocharged. YAY FOR THAT

On a side note, Chrysler makes decent engines though, there’s many good ones and only a few iffy ones :joy:


Have fun with it man, Mini’s are a blast, but service that Supercharger they often are forgotten about, drain the oil and re-fill it!


Yes, but most of the good ones are the big ones (3.5l supercharged v6 in Charger, and Hemi in Rams), and the iffy ones are the small ones (why Dart and Avenger fail).

Please tell me that’s the stick, and not the CVT.


Hah! I purposely withheld my “hashtag-save-the-manuals” because I’m not sure either. No interior shots, and no mention of a manual gearbox. :sweat_smile: I am curious as well, but if it is the 6-speed automatic (only non-supercharged Minis got the CVT), it’s all good though - still has paddles!


I would have hoped it was fairly obvious it was a manual. Automatic minis are for girls who are too busy using their right hand on Snapchat filters to change gear


Thank you for #SavingTheManuals!!! :wink:


Not bad. British racing green compliments it well.


Take any scenic trips in it yet?


While not a particularly long or romantic drive, I did take it to Albany (the Capital of NY), which was about 40 miles away. it did quite excellent in the city.

On another note, the useless cosmetic enhancements have already begun!

Don’t worry, this won’t be all I’m doing… I hope to have the new exhaust installed by mid September.


A month and a half in, had a small oil leak from the crank sensor, which was solved, and replaced the fan belt. Also went to the rice cooker.