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2010 Toyota Prius


you gotta do something to that prius, at least make it a meme if you’re gonna park it at car shows :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t/don’t want to modify it. But I could start lifting the hood to show off the engine. Seems to be a thing people do.


So no hellcat engine…? :sob:


i really need to start going to C&C here in town


Not a bad idea, pop that hood!


Let them all see the big plastic cover that says “Toyota” on it :smile:

In all seriousness why not try it! I’ve never seen under the bonnet of a Prius so I’m curious


As I am too lazy to walk outside into 34°C weather and take a picture, here is an older picture from when I was attempting to clean it. I did get most of the plant matter, but the orange high voltage cables kinda scared me away from touching anything on the right side of the engine bay.

(I’ll probably replace this photo sometime soon with a better one)


Since this entire video takes place in and around my car, I suppose I can post it here. I present to you, Typical Seat Assessments, my latest bad idea.


Just had the Prius in for smog/emissions testing, and it passed. No surprises there.


The Other Guys (2010)




To fix that, you should straight pipe it!


Sorry, sort of a private joke. There’s a recurring joke about priuses.


Not bad…

(53.2 MPG US, converts to 63.8 MPG UK or 4.4 L/100km)