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2011 Yamaha DT 50 R


70cc reaching 110?
im assuming 2 strokes too?

but then again. climates matter. higher ambient temperatures, higher humidity levels, means lower oxygen, means either more fuel burned, or less power.

btw i just reminded of something glorious i found a while ago


Yes, 2-stroke.

And that supercharger was AWESOME. Some of my friends have Honda Monkeys, I gotta tell that to them :smiley:
Although that would be very, very illegal in Finland.

Very illegal.


I managed to reach 100 km/h once. The wind helped me out quite a bit xD. That was quite scary though, considering I wasn’t wearing any protective clothes.


Snow came. I fell down. Got a pair of winter tires. Snow was absent the next day.


Oh, and something was limiting the rear wheel rotation (kinda like if pressing brake a tiny bit all the time) and now the wheel rotates like it’s supposed to. Performance was boosted by a huge amount. No wonder I lost all of the drag races I had with my friends during the course of the last half a year. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hyvä Suomi!


When i was young enough to have a moped, 29 years ago,:older_man:
they were only allowed (here in Sweden) to have 1 (ONE) horse power.
The acceleration was mind blowingly slow.:sleeping:


You know, there’s no age limitations for mopeds :wink: Live your dream, buy a moped today!

Well, ok, “dream”.


Well it seems like that someone in the engineering department thought: “Well this bike is slow. It doesn’t need high beams. Herp derp.” There’s high beams only in the Swiss version of the bike.

I mean, seriously. This is almost everything I can see while driving:

Oh, sorry. I lied. THIS is what I actually see:

That glare doesn’t help at all.

The pics are actually a bit darker than it actually is, but I made a rough estimate of my vision.

2-3m, well lit with the headlight. 3-5m, low light. 5-7m, a teeny tiny bit of light. >7m, pitch black. I’m literally driving 5km of my daily trip with only relying on my memory! I fortunately have some references where the road is, such as reflective road signs and lights on people’s yards but that’s about it.

And people don’t switch to low beams when they come towards me! Is it that they don’t see me, or is it that they don’t just care? I think it’s the latter. (I believe that people think that I’m driving a bicycle, but still. Infuriating.)


haha. know the pain bro.
my bike also need a lamp overhaul… heck i think i need to change my bike

17km traveling at at least 60km/h. at least the road are somewhat lit


Hello, necroing my own thread because… Well I sold it. I had no use for it since I drive the Clio and there was no point in lettings it rust in the garage.

I hope it keeps working well. It was a good steed. The people who bought it were interested in restoring it since the colour was awfully faded, I hope that they keep their word and give it a good home.

This is one of the last pictures I took. A salute to a trusted travel partner.