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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


#Daily Round-Up - Day 1
Hello and welcome back to Geneva, where day one of the show has just finished. The exhibition halls of the Palexpo have been packed today as the public got to glimpse the latest and greatest from the automotive world.

Let’s dive right into Day 1!

Today’s musical accompaniment is Professional Griefers by deadmau5


IMP, Monolith, LaVache, AMCC and Nuntius kickec the day off with a full reveal of the group’s upcoming cars. New versions of Monolith’s M-X and GST were shown, the former of which was a special edition in honour of the car’s crowning as SUV of the Year 2016. The newest version of the S1 was also shown, or rather the first of 2 versions of the new S1 was shown, in this case being a 415hp wagon.

Then came the reveal we’d all been waiting for; at a special keynote held in the main auditorium, the brand new GS260R was at last unveiled, having been teased like crazy over the past 2 weeks. The new coupe, based on the GS250, is a departure from the more saloon-styled versions of the 260R from the 90s, but it looks to be just as potent and powerful as before. An updated version of the 2.6l V6 from the original sits under the bonnet, while the body itself is made of carbon fibre, which should certainly make this thing nimble as hell. Oh, and it looks fantastic.

LaVache unveiled a new turbocharged version of the Thundercracker compact; it packs 350hp and sends that to all four wheels, yet retains the elegance of the standard car. How very civilised indeed! AMCC showed us the new Hercules pickup and the new TurboTech engines that will be powering the range, as well as a smooth looking pre-production concept of the Comet sedan. Their big reveal, however, came in the form of a new ‘analogue’ supercar called the Hurricane X, a 680hp AWD orange monster that looks gorgeous.

Nuntius also revealed a replacement for the old Exedra, powered by a 370hp V8 and coated in weirdly-orange-brown paint.

EADC’s newest version of the Corsair, the CRX, arrived today in time for a sort-of reveal where we learned that it has a 7.1l V12 under the bonnet, a very large engine indeed for a GT Car. We’ll have more on this soon when full specs are released, though we can tell you that EADC have hinted - by saying that they won’t, essentially - that they’re going to be coming back to GT racing, just not yet. Yeah, sure, ‘not yet’…

A weird thing came at lunctime today; Betta sort of released a car, called the Polaris line. We think, at lrast. The smart supermini certainly looks nice and is banking on its lack of chrome as a selling point. We really aren’t sure about that marketing slogan, however…

A little after 1 pm and I found myself in the auditorium once more for the AL Autos presentation. Neither me nor the hundreds of other journalists were ready for what followed - the company gave us an almost ridiculous number of new cars as one by one 12 different cars were unveiled. To say the least, you could the mad typing of everyone in that room above the crazy music despite how loud it was as journalists scrambled to note down everything.

I really didn’t know where to start with this, nor what to say, but I can tell you that the company are releasing 3 different Le Mans cars, none of which will apparently actually be competing in any endurance competitions. As well as this, a coupe of some sorts called the Luce and a mid-engined car called the Montare wa…right, I’m sorry, but there’s only so much one can take in during a keynote, and this was frankly ridiculous. How do you people even have the money to develop so many new cars at once anyway?!

Thankfully, DSD restored some of my sanity and quenched my excitement as, at long last, we get to drive the Saratoga. The companies most hyped vehicle ever, this aluminium sports coupe looks phenomenal from the outside. On the road, it’s even more impressive. We love the gearbox; it’s your usual SC sequential, but its spaced well and feels really usable.

The big wheels, which come in at 285/295mm F/R respectivley, do limit the nippiness and sharpness of the thing, but the excellent suspension makes up for that. It deals with bumps and road imperfections well, and handles smoothly with plenty of grip. Acceleration is quick enough to be fun yet very easy to handle, and it feels planted at speed. For a really fun experience though, go for the Turbo option; it’s a 213 mph screamer that lacks the finesse of the base model but packs loads of power, making it feel more like a miniature supercar.

Hodan unveiled the unusual looking Nobu concept, an aerodynamic concept with slightly divisive styling that is apparently an extended thought from the future. Nope, me neither.

On a separate note, a new company called Pegasus was launched today, an “American and European brand from Hodan”, with their debut car being the Ceres executive saloon. Designed to economic and civilised, the restained and simple styling of the Ceres will certainly appeal to some looking for a large sedan without the usual bling and luxury touches found on rivals, some of which have been revealed at this show. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity though, the Ceres RS trim should excite you a little more - it’s a 600 hp, AWD twin-turbo monster with sleeper styling. We likey.

Another new company, Marc-, sorry, Turin, also launched today, having apparently undergone some rapid rebranding. This “New Player on the Sportcar Market” revealed a smart looking sportscar platform called the Exalt today, featuring sharp if generic styling and a range of trims, all powered by the same 1.8l Turbo i4. These include the S, a 973kg, 200hp gnat of a car that’ll do 0-60 in 4.1 seconds - very fast indeed -, the GT, which is apparently more comfortable yet only weights 50 kg more, and most impressive of all, the R340 trim, which squeezes 340hp from that same 1.8l engine and will deliver you to 60 in 3.0s. That really is supercar killing performance right there!

Zenshi had a new version of the Altaris for uis today, a large MPV with good looks. Fairly powerful and coming in at just 1650 kg even with 8 seats, it should be quite nippy to drive. Meanwhile, EADC showed off a tuned version of their Verona compact called the JR2. This 385 hp - yes, 385hp in a compact - derives its power froma rally engine that sends it from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and new aero. They claim its as fast around a track as their Corsair - we’d love to see that showdown!

At last, the anonymous advert proclaiming the last V8 to “be a good one” bore fruit: the 2019 TMT Resistance! This 468hp muscle car is much less orange than on the poster, but has a push-rod engine and will cost ~$50k. No details as of yet of much else as its still a concept, but this certainly looks to be a solid muscle car, though push rods are unusual. Perhaps its about maintaining some tradition.

Finally, just before doors closed, Galt announced the new Riviera R. Specs look slightly perplexing: a 138hp car that will do 0-60 in 9.3 seconds yet tops out at 166 mph. Magic? Witchcraft? Or just some special engineering? We’ll have more on this soon.


That wraps up today’s events. Gavin won’t be able to do any writing for a few days as he’s busy with real life stuff, and will be back on Sunday. He’ll do his best to cover everything that gets released over the next few days as best as possible, but might have to do it over a few posts etc. Either way, he’ll see you then!

(back in character)
In the mean time, the official opening night party has just begun at the Le Verre à Monique bar, and Gavin will be attending the annual Genevan Grand Get-Down tomorrow night - it’s one of the biggest show-related events on the automotive calendar and is sure to have a few too many industry representatives getting way too drunk. More on that after my inevitable hangover has cleared…
Bye for now!

-Gavin Anderson


Sorry mate, but its not as fast as the CRX, i meant the base Corsair…that being said, the base corsair still makes around 600hp…


Ah, still bloody quick though for such a car! Will correct that now


What Betta released was the Polaris concept, powered by the Geneve 1.0 engine, and introduced the Polaris Line trim to many betta cars to come. Essentially… less chrome, more black’n’red, for the lovers of the “sportier” looks. :wink: Brilliant reviews as always mate


Betta Cammello. A brand new hatchback with a different and refreshed take on the design department compared to other Betta models.


Veloci: Drive Beyond 400 Km/h

Lap Times: Airfield- 1:07.66
ATT- 1:53.58

2017 New York International Auto Show

Jesus 101 sportiness! That must be a beast to drive.


Will put a warning sign: Balls of steel needed. :sweat_smile:


That is one of the craziest hypercars I have ever seen. It’s so insane, only a fool (or an extremely brave individual) would dare to take it outside a racetrack!


Rather: 22 drivability, that must be a beast to drive.


You could always buy a prius @szafirowy01 and based on the stats the car is more than driveable, but this is a sportiness focused tuned car that is also safe and really REALLY FAST.
@abg7 It is sort of a track focused hyper car, similar along the lines of the fxx and Zonda R, just on steroids.


Or a car made by someone with more experience, which would have double that drivability with similar performance. I’m not here to tell you that your car is bad, but rather to tell you what could definitely be improved.


For a car with that much power, it handles well around a track like it was designed to do. So I’m satisfied with it though it might not be the best. Every creation can be improved, and creators improve over time. Look at the Vulcan for instance… Is it the best supercar ever? no. Is it the most drive-able? fuck no. Can it be used on a road? no. But they made it anyway just how they wanted it to be. So you either like it or you don’t.


Well it is very practical, 47.8 practicality for a hyper car


#OAM Chevalier II

So after fixing the problems with the original Concept Chevalier, we now reveal the final model of the OAM Chevalier II.

The ‘new’ redesign of the Chevalier II improved the front, making it less cluttered and neater. The new vents also improve airflow, making the final model more aerodynamic Fog-lights were also added to improve safety and visibility in poor weather.

The Standard US model comes with heater leather seats, a built in satnav & driving computer, ABS, traction control, electronic stability, rear parking camera and surround sound BOSE audio. The car can also have optional launch control, magnesium wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes. This makes the car comfortable, and easy to drive, even though it has over 500hp sent directly to the rear wheels.

Talking about the engine,the Chevalier II is powered by OAM’s most famous engine, the 1970 OAM Nadier-Schoefield 5.9L V8 Crossplane “Buzzard” [1]. Although now modernised in 2016 to feature AlSI and 5 Valves, the base design still remains the same. Now with direct injection, the new “Buzzard II” produces 510hp propelling the car to a top speed of 208mph while maintaining an average of 18mpg (US). While the Buzzard II may not be the the most traditional V8, with 5 valves and DOHC, we feel that traditions change and thus to keep traditions alive, we must continue to innovate.

##Stats| US Spec

The US Spec will arrive in OAM dealerships by the end of March. Prices start at $30,750

[1] Ironically, the common Buzzard is a European bird of prey…welp

#European Spec

Yes that’s right, OAM is coming to Country of Europe…just kidding we know Europe is a continent! (Also, sorry Asia)

Since OAM is crossing the pond and into Europe, we would like to announounce our new European Spec of the Chevalier II. Although the laws regarding automobiles are more regulated in Europe, than in the US, we’ve tried to ensure that the car still remains similar to the US Spec, so that you lot don’t get upset. Sadly of course, some significant changes had to be made.

Starting off, with the ugly plastic now on the car. Since safety in Europe is more regulated, we’ve done our best to improve the safety on this car. By adding the plastic bumpers, the car will do less damage to pedestrians on impact. The European Spec also has Daytime Running Lights since it is required in all European countries. However, the most significant changes had to be done on the engine.

Sadly, the emissions on the standard Buzzard engine was too high for Europe. The fuel economy was also too bad, so significant changes had to be made to the Buzzard II. Firstly, the engine has been limited to 466hp, the redline was also lowered from 7900 to 7700. This however would result in less emissions, and better fuel economy, 24 mpg (UK). However, although power is now limited, the Chevalier II can still reach 202mph and does 0-62 in 4.6s.

##Stats| EU Spec

Expect to see the European Spec in European General Industries Dealerships by the start of April. Prices start at €/£ 30,750


#Riviera PR launch

Today will be the launch of the next model of Riviera, the PR. the PR will contain a N/A 3.0 6 cylinder inline engine, and offer both AWD and RWD, as well as a choice between an automatic and manual* transmission. The interior also features some standard upgrades over the basic one that comes in the R. AWD Automatic model represented below

*Manual will be by order only in the United states and Canadian markets


6 litre V8, 510 hp and a proper manual. All the recipe for a damn good muscle car, but does it have performance headers?


Nope, dont need it :slight_smile:


Not that it would need it, but the sound it would make, especially at 7000 rpm :heart_eyes:


I would record the audio, but its a bit late, and i dont want to wake the neighbours :joy: