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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


Furue is pronounced (Fur-Roo-Ay), just a heads up!


Only a small addition.

A fully operational Concept for a new long-distance cruiser, as per IMP tradition equipped with a 4.2L Diesel

and a luxury sedan built to be as economical as possible without sacrificing any of its luxuries. The resulting car manages 4.8L/100km (58mpg UK, 48mpg US) with a proper 3.4L, 240hp engine.


Hmm. Seems like it’s not dangerous enough, we need to replace those butcher knives with chainsaws. :imp:

@Dorifto_Dorito looks aggressive and fairly reliable and economical for 800 hp.


That my friend is the EADC way…power, reliability and economy…or something like that


Well it works man. My next release for Geneva will be coming soon.


Cornaldie Automotive Presents: The 2017 Solatia V12 Biturbo Eco Boost

Performance data:

MSRP: $93000

A luxury two door coupe that holds nothing back. Each engine is built by a team of 5, producing only 1 per day. The interior is hand stitched leather of the highest quality with a 12 inch, center dash infotainment system that supports android auto and apple car play. The system also features Cornaldie’s latest seat massaging system with automatic temperature adjustments. You also get an HUD, digital dials with many different options. Cornaldie’s easy drive system allows you to adjust all the car’s dynamic response and suspension settings from the steering wheel. As our CEO said, " It’s a luxury GT car. You get in it, you listen to the v12 if you want and you go…really quickly, really easily, very comfortably."

2017 New York International Auto Show

That’s a Beautiful power curve! Very nicely done. And the engine has over 1hp per liter with a 29% economy rating! Well done.


That is a well-optimized twin-turbo V12 with excellent power and economy! I would like to see more powerful versions of it in the future.


Hodan invites everyone to a great event

Enjoy a great line-up of EDM acts, including Kill The Noise, Snails, DELTΔ HEΔVY, and More.

Join us on the 18th of March, after the show Closes.

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Thanks man. The potential is there for way more power, but I wanted it to be balanced so the focus was on efficiency, reliability and smoothness.

@findRED19 Thanks. It did take some time to get right and i still think it could be optimized some more.


OAM Press Conference (Lore)

OAM CEO, Johnathan Whittingmore.

Hello everyone. Ive gotten some terrible news. Last night co-founder of OAM and my grandfather, Audie Whittingmore passed away. He was admitted to St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital last week due to a stroke. He was on his way to recovering, but last night he had another stroke, and was put on life support. Late last night, the doctors said that they were unable to save him, and the life support was turned off. He died a peaceful death surrounded by those who he cared for.
To OAM he was a figure head, a leader that everyone admired. He always supported the team, during rough times he would try to cheer everyone up and would praise up during our greatest moments.
As my grandfather, he cared for me. When my father was busy managing the company with my uncle, Audie would look after me, teaching me the history of automobiles and how being an engineer was great. He once told me, “Whether you go on to design cars or rockets, know that your father and I will always be proud of you”.
As a person he was kind and compassionate. He may have been a bit stubborn at times, but he always tried to do his best for the wellbeing of the company and staff. So thank you Audie, and farewell.

#Audie Whittingmore (1930-2017)


#Daily Round-Up - Day 5
Welcome back to Geneva! It’s been another day of automotive stuff for myself and the team at S.A.M., although I’ve been dealing with some, uh, ‘complications’ with regards to Friday note. I would like to confirm that it was Come On Eileen that made me take my shirt off, NOT Man! I Feel Like A Woman…

Anyhow, on to today’s happenings.

Today’s musical accompniament is Roadhouse Blues by The Doors

EADC gave us the full release of the Corsair CRX along with some very sexy photos of the smart road-racer. The sleek, finely detailed body looks gorgeous in profile form, contrasting the very brutish power from its V12 heart. Some clever aerowork has been integrated into its design, and even makes room for a plush interior too.

On the road, the CRX is rewarding and composed, never afraid of hiding its huge amount of power and egging you on to unleash it, but very happy to maintain its dignity. It feels like a typical supercar through the corners, sharp but with an added heaviness the requires you to man-handle it a bit, but that’s far from a bad thing. Turn those assists off and you really do have borderline race-car material here. We’d love to see a lightweight, stripped back version in the future.

IMP unveiled a new GT coupe concept today called the Autobahn Concept, a diesel powered long distance cruiser. Smart looks meet sleek lines in what could be a smart move for the company - the mid-range coupe market has been hotting up this year, and some refined calmness in the form of this concept could certainly find a strong niche for the company.

Meanwhile, a new trim of the Opera limousine was unveiled; called the 340D Econom, it breaks all previous records for efficiency in this market with a claimed average of 58 mpg (UK), a stunning achievement for this market. It could make this sort of car just about affordable to run. Better still, they claim its been achieved without losing any of the comfort expected with the Opera.

Cornaldie revealed the new 2017 Solatia V12 Biturbo today, and oh how we love that word Biturbo. Apparently this is an ‘Eco Boost’ variant, however we aren’t sure about how eco 27 mpg is. That said, this all-aluminum GT coupe is marvelous comfortable and handles very nicely, by no means sharp, but with just enough precision to keep things exciting. For cruising, the Solatia was very impressive, and felt right at home on the streets of Geneva. Its very well specced to, and the interior is packed to the brim with great technology, which should certainly keep you entertained.

The looks left us a little disappointed though. The bottom rear is too complicated for its own good, and at the front, we feel they haven’t quite got the grill proportions right. That said, the tallight design is very nice, drawing the design lines into a very nice finish. Plus, with 635hp under the bonnet, it’s a bargain for V12 power at $93k. Not quite the looker that it probably should be, but a fantastic luxury cruiser.


However, the day ended with some saddening news: Audie Whittingmore, one of the founders of OAM, passed away last night following a stroke last week. He was one of the most respected people in the industry and helped to cement OAM’s position as a cornerstone in the American car making sector. Current CEO and grandson Jonathan Whittingmore gave a moving statement this afternoon, and we send our condolences to him and his family.

Such a shame to end on a low note, but we’re sure that Audie would have been very proud of what the company has achieved, especially of the new Chevalier II which we really liked. His achievements and legacy are undeniable and will no doubt inspire future generations to join this great industry. Thank you for everything.

That does it for today’s rather somber round-up. We’ll be back again tomorrow, when hopefully the damage control I’m currently doing for Friday night’s escapades will actually bear some fruit. Good bye for now!

- Gavin Anderson


Cornaldie Automotive enters the Luxury/Premium Sedan segment.

Welcome the 2017 Echelon LX

Starting at $52,000. This 5 seat luxury sedan is powered by a 4 litre V8 AWD drivetrain coupled with a 7 speed intelligent automatic transmission. Power output is just shy of 500 hp with a smooth delivery, high and consistent torque, high efficiency and mind blowing reliability. See our brochure for more.

Performance Data:


The Echelon is shaping up to be a great luxury sports sedan from what I’ve seen… and just like the V12 found in the more expensive Solatia, its twin-turbo V8 engine could be tuned to deliver even more power! As it is, though, the Echelon’s V8 delivers a decent mix of performance and economy.

@Dorifto_Dorito your Corsair CRX is one of the best-looking front-engined GTs out there! And it’s also one of the fastest - an 800-bhp normally-aspirated V12 is a welcome break from the forced-induction norm we’re used to now.


Welcome to Airborne Motor Group stand again!

CEO: Well, we had some problems with electricity on the stand lately and had to eventually delay our premieres from sub-brands, that is RZ, Ray Cars and Haight Industries. Anyway. Today I’m going to hand microphone to Ray Cars’s CEO, Shuji Nakuya!

(clapping. Old, approximately 60 year old japanese man walks on the scene, graps microphone, uncovers Rays: Shibatron CJ and Shibatron GTB and starts speaking.)

Shuji: Thanks you people for this much applauce. For first I want to admit that my english isn’t very good and I’m making some errors when speaking. But, going to Ray Automobiles’s* new vehicle, there you go, this is something we were hiding since 2011 under name of New Project - and finally there it is - Ray Shibatron, successor to 90s Shibasaki!

Stats posted for two versions - one is normal NA CJ and one is turbocharged CJ-t, they look identical anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
Both cars are electronically limited to 180 km/h to comply with Japanese safety regulations.

Shuji: This car here is basic Shibatron coded CJ, that is stands for Coupe Japan. We wanted to point this variant mainly into tastes of people who are buying Audi A5 and similar vehicles. To speed up development a bit, we used knowledge and replaceable parts like brakes and stuff from our parent company, Airborne. This car is like their Alpha, but since Alpha is not sold massively in Japan, this is how we strike the market and what markets are we striking. When I was designing Shibatron, I wanted a platform that would be like my first Ray car, Shibasaki. Versatile, easy to tune and with possibility to do some evil things on it. In this form, the car are you looking at, I mean the basic CJ, has naturally aspirated engine with two litres of capacity, four cylinders and 145 horsepower. This engine may seem very similar in tech to Airborne’s recent two litre inline six, but it’s our own construction. It features standard interior without too fancy stuff - just what you need for everyday commuter.

It’s also not here, but we is also selling turbocharged variant named CJ-t, looks identical to this one but it has turbo and some tweaks to make this thing drivable. It’s also faster and has more power.

Let’s move to Shibatron GTB - it’s quite special, because it’s the only Shibatron officially offered in Great Britain!

Shuji: This is the Shibatron GTB. It’s our almost badge engineered project for Great Britain. It’s pretty similar technical wise and usage-wise to Airborne S310 and upcoming S340, but they’re not sold here, so Ray Shibatron GTB is about to fill that gap. It’s also successor to Ray Shibasaki from British market. This one features more aggressive bodykit, 3.4 litre engine straight from Airborne’s shelves - this is the same engine that is in Alpha Clubman but here it has even 17 extra hp, giving you 357 in total. It also has 7 gear sequential box and AWD system, also from Airborne. We also ditched standard four seat interior and GTB got packaged with sports interior with Sparco black bucket seats and DLR (Digit Lap Recording) system. All these changes result in shooting this car to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and it’s top speed is 281 km/h. Pretty nice, huh?

About another Shibatrons, hence they are going to be our offer backbone at this moment along with Senpai, I can announce that we are working on cars that have codes: SJ, SJ-t, GTA, GTJ, GTJ-R, GTJ-TR and GTJ-X.

(now Shuji walks out of the scene and Ray Automobiles’s part of exhibition is finally open)


Ladies and gentlemen. Unfortuantly due to unforeseen issues DSD will not be presenting our lineup today. We are behind schedual by about 24hrs due to shipping problems into Switzerland. We hope to unviel the full Puissant and Saratoga range including the R models and the covers will come off of DSD’s very first v12 . We can reveal that the new engine will include a magnesium block, 5 valves per cylinder DOHC, 3999cc in displacement, direct fuel injection with flexible fuel options, no turbochargers (but perhaps supercharged in the future) power ranges from 300hp-700hp.
We again apologize for the delay.


While our designers were tempted to unleash everything the engine could deliver, we had to remember that our customers will need to use this car everyday, so reliability, fuel economy and a smooth power delivery was very important. The car had to be fast, but it also had to be easy to use and comfortable. We may have some performance variants of these engines coming in the future, but we have to first figure out what to put them in, and when.


From 1981 to 1994 IMP ran a Rallye Paris-Dakar works program campaigning the M130 and M140. The races before 1985 saw use of unmodified M130s, with a naturally aspirated 4.8L Diesel. While competitive in their class, the early runs were only marginally successful in highlighting the M130s durability and performance. Thus in 1986 the approach was changed. The 4.8L Diesel was replaced by a 7.6L GA-176 V12, which in competition trim produced 400hp and 710Nm. The V12 powered M130s immediately achieved a 1-2-3 finish in their class, with the two other M130s not finishing due to accidents. For 1987 the three finishing cars of 1986 were upgraded using Monolith S76 12.18-55 (this is IMPs most iconic heavy truck btw) Turbochargers. Equipped as such, the engines were producing 580hp. The M130 V12 Turbo only increased IMPs dominance, once again finishing 1-2-3 with a gigantic lead over their competition. For 1988, the performance was upped even more by increasing the stroke for a maximum displacement of 8.6L and a 6-speed gearbox was introduced, but by then a lack of actual competitors meant the Monoliths had to run out of competition in a class of their own. 1989 was the last year of the V12 Turbo, by then capable of far exceeding 800hp but again running out of competiton and therefore not classified (Monolith would have won overall in both 1988 and 1989). In 1990, the V12s were banned from competing, so Monolith went with standard M130s using the then-new 5.3L six-cylinder turbodiesel with 250hp. Monolith continued to compete in the 1991 M140, but the 1987-1989 cars have become truly legendary, their pace and insanity being on par with the Group B cars.

Since 1987 is now 30 years ago, Monolith has released a limited-production M161 to honour Monoliths most iconic car. It too has an 8.0L V12, but this new one is a Turbodiesel with 580hp and 1400Nm of torque. Like the old cars it is coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. The special appearance package is designed to resemble the 1987 #14 M130 Turbo that won overall, with a rust-red paintjob and additional rally lights.

The M161 Turbo 30 Dakar is ungodly fast just like its spiritual predecessor, but thanks to the modern Diesel engine it consumes nowhere near as much fuel, with an economy rating of 10.9L/100km (26mpg UK, 21.5mpg US) and a ten-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The M161 Turbo 30 Dakar will cost €250.000.


1400 Nm of torque? One crazy best :smiley:


Oh the 1989, unlimited boost cars had far more than that.