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2017 Automation Geneva International Motor Show


Well i guess ill wait til UE4 for that :smiley:



Long time German sports car maker Himmel revealed it’s facelifted version of the 2017 EO sports car and it’s twin turbocharged flagship.

The familiar rear engined sports car returns with a power upgrade to the 3.6 Flat 6 unit. The car now boasts just under 400 horsepower in Turismo guise, and a monstrous 580 horsepower in twin turbo form.

##2017 Himmel E.O 3.6 Turismo


Engine and Transmission

Engine: 3.6 liter Flat 6 DOHC 4 valves per cylinder with direct injection
Bore x Stroke: 91.4mm x 91.4mm
Weight: 150 kg
Redline: 8500 RPM
Power: 394 HP @ 8100 RPM
Torque: 384 NM @ 7600 RPM
Transmission: Himmel 7 Speed Manual with rev match assist and mechanical LSD
Drivetrain: Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive


Length: 4090mm
Curb Weight: 1328 KG
Tires: F 195mm R 275mm Michellin Pilot Sport AS/3
Brakes: F 2 piston 250mm R 2 piston 290mm
Material: Aluminum unibody with aluminum bodywork

Performance Statistics

Power to Weight: 296 HP Per Tonne
0-60: 3.8
Top Speed: 180 MPH
1/4 mile: 11.82 @ 121 MPH
250m cornering: 1.11 G @ 116.5 MPH
60-0: 95 ft
Automation TT: 2:08.37

2017 Himmel E.O 580 Twin Turbo


Engine and Transmission

Engine: 3.6 liter Flat 6 DOHC 4 valves per cylinder with direct injection
Bore x Stroke: 91.4mm x 88.9mm
Weight: 185 kg
Redline: 9000 RPM
Power: 585 HP @ 8100 RPM
Torque: 560 NM @ 7600 RPM
Transmission: Himmel 7 Speed Manual with rev match assist and mechanical LSD
Drivetrain: Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive


Length: 4090mm
Curb Weight: 1440 KG
Tires: F 235mm R 325mm Michellin Pilot Sport AS/3
Brakes: F 2 piston 275mm R 2 piston 315mm
Material: Aluminum unibody with aluminum bodywork

Performance Statistics

Power to Weight: 406 HP Per Tonne
0-60: 3.0
Top Speed: 195 MPH
1/4 mile: 11.82 @ 121 MPH
250m cornering: 1.21 G @ 121.8 MPH
60-0: 90 ft
Automation TT: 2:02.16
Nordeschleife: 7:31.02

Pricing Details

Turismo: $44,000 (100% mark up)
Twin Turbo: $ 65,000 (150% mark up)

(I did my best Porsche… Hard to do a modern one with the stuff we have available, when UE4 hits Himmel will be a full fledged company alongside my current 2.)


@DeusExMackia to confirm, we have 2 more days to unveil stuff right?


@szafirowy01 Daaamn! The Espada looks sweet! Really love the improvements you’ve made, the styling suits the body so well. @Dorifto_Dorito, still want to be the independent reviewer? I’ll send my car over ASAP if so :smiley:

@ramthecowy Yeah, show closes tomorrow. I should have the photoshoot stuff out soon too, I’ll probably make it an end of show feature :grin:


Sure! Ill try to get the review as soon as i get the cars😃

EDIT: Ill get the reviews out by Sunday


To close out the show, we here at the MAC give you the Miller/Emperor Plaustrum Crossover.

Based on the newly developed P Platform, the Plaustrum is versatile in all terrains and conditions, from the jungles of Africa, to the jungles of the metro Detriot area, to the Swiss Alps, and back again while keeping the family safe.

The base model of the Plaustrum (2.0 for Emperor models, Base for Miller models) will feature the 20L4 SOHC I4. The Emperor version will be naturally aspirated producing 134 HP sent through a 7 speed automatic transmission, which is standard along all trim levels, to the front wheels or optional AWD. The Miller version will be turbocharged producing 178 HP.

The Emperor Plaustrum 3.4/Miller Plaustrum Premium trim levels will feature the 34L6 DOHC V6. The Emperor is turbocharged sending 266 HP to all four wheels through the 7 speed automatic transmission and the Miller version is naturally aspirated sending 248 HP to all four wheels through a 6 speed automatic transmission.

And of course our mad engineers in the MS division managed to get their hands on this vehicle as well.
The MS 282 features the turbocharged 4.6L 46L8 DOHC V8 from the Argonaught, making 613 HP sent through a 7 speed dual clutch sequential transmission sending the power to all four wheels, making it the most powerful production crossover. It goes from 0-60 MPH in a staggering 3 seconds flat, making it the quickest production crossover. It also has a top speed of 193 MPH, making it the fastest crossover as well. Not bad for Detroit muscle if we do say so.

Miller Out. mic drop


#Daily Round-Up - Days 8 & 9
Welcome back to Geneva for the penultimate round-up of the show. It’s been a great final Friday with all eyes turning towards to the Hodan Geneva After-Party tomorrow - I will be there, and I hope to see you guys too.

Let’s see what the second-to-last-day(s) had for us

Today’s musical accompinament is Marquee Moon by Television

Cornaldie showed us a new high-end hot-hatch called the Sprinter 200 R, and it’s capable of 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. We’re still waiting for Saminda’s C2KR release which was expected at this show to see if it’ll be faster than this. Electric everything, AWD and exotic materials are found around the vehicle, making it light, responsive and very, very fast. This is certainly one of the best Cornaldie’s yet in terms of looks, and on the road, it feels surprisingly controllable. Very sharp, but not razor sharp, so you can relax behind the wheel of this thing.

It’s also fairly comfortable for this sort of car, though the practicality is a little weakened by the double wishbone suspension at the rear which does limit boot space. Cost wise, it’s really at the highest reaches of the hot-hatch market, coming in at $36k. Is it worth it though? Quite possibly, especially if you’re wanting something a little more exotic in this market.

AL unveiled it’s new Luxury range, compromising of a executive sedan, limousine and SUV. Clad in charcoal black paint, the Flusso, Classe and Ampio have to be the cheesiest line-up of luxury names ever. The chrome body work may well be appropriate for this market, but there’s no getting away from how odd the designs of these cars are; the Flusso, for instance, appears to have three grills on its front end, while the Classe looks outdated and stretched. As for the Ampio, we really don’t know what to say, other than it’s ‘unusual’.

There’s very little in the way of specs, though the promise of powerful V6 and V8 engines should appease those looking for luxury performance. What will not please anyone however is the price; the Flusso, which, is in the same class as the Berlose/Espada/Echelon, costs $100k for an entry level model. The Classe, a car that’s the same size as a Teodora - as in, larger than the Flusso - stars from less. And a top end Ampio will set you back $250k. Eye watering, to say the least. We aren’t convinced.

Erin launched their facelifted Berlose on Thursday afternoon. It’s…er…well, it’s whatever you think it is!

Following on from the launch of the CRX earlier in the show, EADC completed the final lineup for the Corsair sports car, with and engine lineup consisting of V12s and i6s. The welcoming, friendly yet purposeful design of the car really shines in the full lineup of colour options, while the 7.1l, 565hp V12 is very, very exciting indeed. Best of all, however, it comes with a manual gearbox. Top that off with prices starting from £46k (for some true V12 brilliance) and you have a top-end sports car meddling with mid-range prices. The i6 powered entry level model and GT-styled Cabriolet cost £31k and £48k respectively.

On the road, the Corsair is everything you’d expect - pliable, determined and smooth. The V12 roar never gets old, while the manual gearbox is such a delight to use with so much power. The i6 is very much the same, just a bit slower and easier to drive, meaning there’s plenty of choice for driving style here. As for the Cabriolet, well, it’s ridiculously comfortable but also much softer, certainly pushing the GT design of this trim. As far as a car for blitzing across the spine of Italy, we’d certainly recommend it.

Then, another rivalry began; Zavir showed off the greatly anticipated Espada facelift, and comparisonsto the Berlose from earlier began immediatley. In contrast to the British saloon, the Espada is cool and crisp, with thin details and tasteful chrome. The back especially is gorgeous, with plenty of hints to its partial Squalo inspiration. Specs wise, its everything you’d expect from premium executive sedan, only with a chilli shoved up the exhaust in the form of a 528hp V8 on the Sportivo trim. We’re expecting mid-range trims to follow shortly.

On the road, the Sportivo trim is brilliant. It feels like a mix between muscle car harshness and European refinement, resulting in a great sense of power and immensity. It’s surprisingly sharp despite its weight, but never feels dangerous, probably due to the incredible levels of comfort of this thing. 0-60 in 3.9 seconds is phenemonal in such a car.
In contrast, the more sensible Turismo estate trim is a very drivable car, ever more comfortable and very practical. Few estates on the market today can boast looks like this, and it looks to be well priced and affordable to run.

German sports car maker Himmel appeared out of the blue at today’s show to reveal a new egenration of their rear-engined sports car. The E.0. Turismo and Twin Turbo look set to take on the high-end sports market in excellent style, sporting classic performance looks and some great specs too.

The 3.6l Flat 6 in the Turismo is a really solid engine, updated from the previous version and still just as nice to use. On the road, the Turismo is pointed and nimble, feeling much smaller than it really is and handling like a dream. The 580 Twin Turbo offers a much more grand experience compared to the distilled feel of the Turismo, especially with 585hp to boot. It borders into supercar territory yet feels like a sports car, resulting in what feels like a road-goibng racer. For $65k, that is properly good.

Closing up the day, Miller unveiled a new crossover…

…no worries, we are going to cover it! The Plaustrum is at least named a lot better than some of its contempories, and is designed to combine estate-body style with SUV-go anywhereness. A range of sensible engines are availible, as well as option AWD and even a luxury Emperor-branded version, which is noticeably more powerful. MS also got their hands on it to create a groundbreakingly fast version called the 282. It will do 0-60 in 3 seconds, which should certainly scare the yummy out of the yummy mummies who will buy these things. It’s the weirdly deranged love child of the muscle car and the crossover, and we look forward to driving it.


That does it for today, tomorow is the show’s last day, so make sure to get everything and anything else out soon! I’m off to browse the Genevan bars and enter into some dodgy drinking games with the Zavir engineers. Ta-ta for now!

- Gavin Anderson

#Reveal of the production version C2000R is finally here , Saminda says it has already received a total of more than 8,000 orders. ###''_The most extreme Saminda is finally here'' - Auto Express_ ###''_The C2000R is probably the most anticipated car this coming year'' - CAR Magazine_ ###''_We can't wait to get our hands on this big boy'' - Top Gear_ ###''_Saminda is back on track onces again!'' - EVO Magazine_


[quote]The C2000R engine is not an average joe
The C2000R has gone thru many engine development changes , from a 2.0-liter to a 2.2-liter but has gone back to it 2.0-liter version as the Chief Engineer of C2000R , Dave Kamper found that the 2.0-liter engine is much lighter with better power to weight ratio.

The final outcome is a 2.0-liter i-VIC engine mated to 2 electric motors , the battery contribute around 58BHP making a total of 368BHP

They may not sound like huge figures , the C2000R gas engine is good for 310HP alone after all , but it’s how they’re implemented that’s important. Saminda uses the Direct Torque Control to assist the engine, its peak torque comes in between just 500 and 2,000 rpm, when the twin-turbos are still spooling up, so as to smooth out any turbo lag. From 2,000 rpm on, the engine own max torque is delivered.

The C2000R Nürburgring lap was timed 7:51min making it the fastest 4-cyl RWD hot-hatch you can buy.

There is lots of aerodynamic
The aerodynamic on the C2000R goes far beyond what you’d usually find on a hot hatchback. Saminda says that none of the aero bits that give the C2000R have been added for the sake of it, everything has a purpose.

The front bumper has a very specific shape which reduces turbulence around the front wheels, helping high-speed stability.

When can you see the C2000R on the road?
You won’t even have to wait too long to pick one up. The 2018 C2000R goes on sale in early 2018, and the price tag is hover from £34,990 and £39,990 for GT trim. It will be built in the UK.

AWD version is expected to come around 2019 , not much information about the AWD C2000R but Saminda says it will release more details when it is nearer to it release.[/quote]

0-100km/h : 4.5s
Top Speed : 290km/h


I thought that was last year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smile:


Airborne Motor Group announcement

We’re sad to announce that Haight Industries’s new luxury landship and RZ Automobili cars couldn’t make to the show due to our problems with transporting them to the show. They will be shown at NY Motor Show instead.

We also have good news, pricing of all cars shown are known now! Keep in mind that those are starting prices without any kind of additional taxation or additional stuff requested by buyer.

*Alpha Estate in Italy

Airborne Automotive
2018 Alpha 2.0 Coupe - 27.590 $ (110.130 zł)
2018 Alpha 2.0 Sedan - 27.910 $ (111.410 zł)
2018 Alpha Clubman - 39.515 $ (157.730 zł)
2018 Gamma* 2.0 - 27.930 $ (111.490 zł)

Additional equipment
Premium interior (N/A for Clubman) - 4000 $ (15.960 zł)
Digit Lap Recording (DLR system) (Clubman only) - 1500 $ (5980 zł)

Ray Automobiles/Cars
2018 Shibatron CJ - 2.984.350 JPY (approx. 26.360 $)
2018 Shibatron CJ-t - 2.990.800 JPY (approx. 26.410 $)
2018 Shibatron GTB - 32.360 GBP (approx. 40.100 $)

Additional equipment
Premium interior - 4700 $
Miles per hour speedometer - 0$ (it’s also standard on Shibatron GTB)

Today (18/03/2017) Mei Onashikara walked on the stage for a bit and started her final speech of this show:
Okay, people. I’m glad you had visited our stands. I want also to thank Gavin Anderson in name of CEO Skrzyszowicki and our master race driver… (quietly) well except me - Josef Weisswald for taking a part of our development here. We also hope for futher cooperation. And don’t worry sweetheart your boss doesn’t know about anything here (laughs).

Okay, thank you people for fun here and see you on next motor show, which I hope will occur soon because we have SO MUCH FUCKING DELAYS (laughs again). Okay, goodbye!

(Mei walks out of scene and everyone’s clapping)


There’s quite a bit of reading in this. If you prefer a more convenient format, click here for the pdf which you can interact with more easily, it’s also just better flowing and looks crisper. I just thought it would be refreshing to bring out something a little unique - a magazine! I hope you enjoy! :grin:


Well, yeah, and I came here with my Paint skills… :smile:


You have no idea how much time I burned trying to get Photoshop, Inkscape, InDesign and Automation to all merge together to make this happen. You don’t want to either :sweat_smile:


#Daily Round-Up - Day 10
Welcome back to Geneva for the final time this year, where the doors have closed and the show has finished. It’s been a brilliant two weeks of amazing cars from all aspects of the automation world, and I can only hope to have conveyed that brilliance well enough with my writing.

Well, two things happened today. I was subtly flirted at by Mei of Airborne as they gave an end-of-show briefing, as well as revealling prices for the Alpha and the Shibatron. They all look to be fairly regular for an exclusive all-aluminum compact.

Then, out of the blue, Cavallera made a last-minute announcement and unveiled a new partnership with Zenshi. Called the Seiryu, this all new mid-engined sportscar is astoundingly quick by the looks of the specs, very light weight and is styled beautifully. Aside from the overtly sexual brochure accompanying the car, which is actually a review of the car…we’re not sure how that works, but anyway…the Seiryu seems to be one of the most promising sports cars in recent years.

While not quite ready for production yet, this collaboration between the Cavallera Japanese design house and Zenshi has got us very excited. How it will compare to the other sports cars revealled at the show, including the EADC Corsair and DSD Saratoga which are both very much in this thing’s price range, is yet to be seen. The high-grade materials and sheer preciseness of this thing though certainly make it stand out.

So, uh, cough cough, sports car shootout anyone?
this is a very subtle hint that i want the entry level Scarlet to be included in this review just saying hint hint wink wink nudge nudge all the rest and that i’d like somenone else to write it

Oh, and this other company, you might have heard of them, revealed this hot hot called the “C-Two-Thousand-R”…




Yes, that’s right, after what has felt the passing of an entire century, Saminda have revealed the C2000R, and there’s no other way to put it, pretty much everyone at the show was crowded around the stand for best part of the day. The hotly anticipated car actually managed to get trending on Tiwtter, and looks just as good as everyone hope it would. Crisp, blocky fixtures detailed with performance-hinting lines make this thing look stunning. And this really is it, this is the actual car C2KR that will actually be in actual Saminda showrooms very soon (hopefully).

However, I’ve spent most of the day hanging out with car enthusiasts in the form of some DSD and EADC engineers, plus a couple of DSD fans, driving some of the latest and greatest from the automotive world. Here’s what went down.

And there we have it! Geneva 2017 comes to a close. Thank you very much for following our coverage, we hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have. I’ll be back later in the year when the next show is on, most likely New York at this rate, though that isn’t for 6 darn months. Ugh.

Anyhow, time to get shitfaced at the After Party and possibly see if Mei will go for the classic “Can I get you a drink?” line… bye for now!

- Gavin Anderson


The Geneva Motor Show could not have come to a better conclusion!


I can’t tell if Gavin is mocking me or what :laughing:

cough magazine article

Seiryu :wink:

Anyhow, thanks @DeusExMackia for putting on another motor show for us, it was really enjoyable and great fun. If only I had more time…

[official mode activated]
Unfortunately Cavallera has been unable to bring the rally concept teased earlier in this show here. An appearance is guaranteed in the next motor show.


My bad! Blame that on my reading skills, trying to do this from my laptop in a dark room is harder than it sounds :wink:


Awesome dude. Amazing writing and amazing pics. Thank you for the kind words tgese are goind straight into the dsd lore vault


Dont worry! Ill just get the Delorean back up to 88mph and we’ll all be in 60’s in no time…get ready for the 1960’s Earls Court Auto Show coming soon…

Also Part 1 of the Independent Review of the Berlose and Espada coming soon too


:astonished: UWOTM8