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2017 LA Auto Show


AL Autos

AL Autos will be in attendance of the 2017 LA Auto Show!

First teaser :sunglasses:



Ganter Motors will show the new gen Indiana, equipped with a new multimedia system and new luxury version. In 2019, it will get an autopilot.

Ganter Motors page


Erin have confirmed that they will be in attendance, with a special display related to a recent special announcement from ErinSport. With said announcement taking place on December 1st, the day the show opens to the public, the Los Angeles Auto Show will therefore be the first time the public gets to see what we have in store.



With this image, followed by a short chain of tweets, Maine Motor’s twitter accont confirmed today that they will be attending the LA Motor Show. They will show their next generation of the Convict utility vehicle, and an extra surprise reveal.


That looks like some interesting design choices for the front of the car. Seems to fit well together stylistically. Will be watching this at the unveil.


To elaborate a little further on the very short and cryptic blurb from earlier:

Scagliati is going to be bringing something very special to the #LAAutoShow next week, with rumours swirling that the company will have three cars on display; a never-before-seen, freshly-completed restoration from the Scagliati Museum, the new model that everyone has been buzzing about for the last few weeks, along with a very special model that represents the best the company has to offer its valued clients.

Join us on the 28th at the Scagliati stand in the West Hall for the big event.



November 28th.


A Motoring Man’s Meanderings

Prelude to LA



EDIT: Already revealed here:


The LA Auto Show is an expo for architecture now?




Exactly :smile:



Hmmm…That looks like a racecar.


The 2005 Deponte Vulpe powered by the 150 CI Straight 4 engine titled ‘‘8C’’ producing 162 HP.
It tops out at 142 MPH, runs the 1/4 in 14,70 @ 95 MPH, and gets 28 MPG.
Laps the Green Hell in 8:59 with a price of 14,520 $ (+20 Markup) in 2005.

It was easy to drive and fun, and one of Deponte’s most popular mid 00’s cars despite their hard times during that time period.


The Kishiwo Yoko E drive concept
The Yoko E drive concept is a closse to production concept car of the all new Kishiwo Yoko that will be released with a electric, petrol or hydrogen drivetrain. Its price is set at 16300$ for the petrol, 25000$ for the electric and arround 35000$ for the hydrogen. With this release Kishiwon anounced to build a huge hydrogen charging network in the USA and in other major markets, for example the homemarket South Korea, Japan, the UK and others. The petrol engine is a 1.5l i3 that puts out 130 hp, it will drive on a 8 gear automatic gearbox, that will be used in all versions. The hydrogen Yoko will be powered by a 130 hp system and the electric Yoko gets a 125 hp system. The range for the electric and hydrogen Yoko are set at around 500 km / 311 miles.

You can pre-order your Yoko now at your closest dealer or right at our stand in LA!

some more pics of the Kishiwo Yoko E drive concept:



Scagliati At the 2017 LA Auto Show

Scagliati is proud to be showing two new models at the LA Auto Show, the 2019 Cinquetorri luxury sports-utility vehicle, as well as the limited-production 2018 La Serenissima Quattrocento. Also, as part of the company’s 70th anniversary, the Scagliati Museum is also showing off their freshly-restored 1957 300 Turismo. The 300 Turismo was the first of the so-called “Cannaregio” body style, and was produced as a convertible from 1957 to 1963, and as a coupe from 1957 to 1962.

To Places Unconquered - Introducing the 2019 Scagliati Cinquetorri.

Music for the unveiling:

2019 Scagliati Cinquetorri in Rosso Amarone

For the 2019 model year, Scagliati is proud to present the Cinquetorri, a ground-up re-imagining of what an ultra-luxury SUV should be. Named after Cinque Torri, an unmistakable mountain that towers over the famous resort town of Cortina d’Amprezzo, nestled in the Dolomite Mountains just a short journey from the Scagliati headquarters, the Cinquetorri brings the strong presence and sharp lines of the design language that debuted on the La Serenissima and combines it with rugged design to create an SUV of peerless design and presence.

2019 Scagliati Cinquetorri in Viola Reale

The Cinquetorri is the second vehicle to be built from Scagliati’s pioneering SCALE architecture, which brings to bear the incredible strength and lightness of carbon-fibre construction to produce a lightweight, rugged vehicle with incredible safety - the Cinquetorri exceeds all government safety ratings, all while weighing almost 200 kilograms less than the outgoing Regata SUV. The lightweight constrution of the Cinquetorri, combined with the familiar five-litre, twin-turbocharged Amadeo V12 engine and Scagliati’s all-new TISE all-wheel drive system, means that the Cinquetorri can sprint from zero to one hundred kilometres per hour in 4.2 seconds and proceed to a top speed of 320 kilometres per hour, all while returning an estimated 12.6 litres per hundred kilometres in the Automation Unified Fuel Economy cycle.

The Cinquetorri comes in three versions; a five-seat, two-row model as the base, a four-seat two-row model and a seven-seat, three-row model, with prices starting at $230,400 for the base Cinquetorri, available for preorder now at all Scagliati studios, with deliveries commencing in the first quarter of 2018.

Model Specifications Cinquetorri Cinquetorri L Cinquetorri LS
Seating Five Four Seven
Layout Front-engine, all-wheel drive SUV
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque, aluminium panels
Suspension double-wishbone front, multi-link rear
Driveline 9-speed automatic transmission, electronic limited-slip front, centre and rear differentials
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Engine 60-degree turbocharged V12
Displacement 5000cc
Output 651 bhp @ 7800 RPM
Torque 518 ft-lb @ 4100 RPM
Curb Weight 2380 kilograms 2285 kilograms 2584 kilograms
Weight Distribution 57.2%F/42.8%R 57.4%F/42.6%R 56.6%F/43.4%R
0-100 km/h 4.4s 4.4s 4.8s
100-0 Braking Distance 31.3 m 31.0 m 32.4m
Top Speed 320 km/h* 320 km/h* 320 km/h*
Fuel Economy 12.6 litres/100km 12.4 litres/100km 13.3 litres/100km
List Price $230,400 $259,600 $242,590

*Top speed is electronically limited

Power and Poise - The 2018 Scagliati La Serenissima Quattrocento.

2018 Scagliati La Serenissima Quattrocento in Rosso Veneto

Scagliati Prestazione Speciale is proud to present the La Serenissima Quattrocento, the last word in performance in the Scagliati lineup. The engineers and craftsmen of the Special Performance Division in Mirano spent countless hours refining and reworking the base La Serenissima T, already a very fast and powerful car in its own right, making countless aerodynamic refinements to boost the high-speed stability of the new car with one goal in mind - to create the fastest GT car in the world. The bodywork of the Quattrocento was changed, with new fenders front and rear to fit 305-section tires front and rear, specially developed in conjunction with CMW Aero and Fujisaki Tire, to cope with the extreme demands of a 2069-kilogram car capable of reaching speeds in excess of 400 kilometres per hour.

To attain such speeds, the team took the Amadeo V12 engine to 5.4 litres of displacement, and fitted the engine with a stronger rotating assembly, better intake manifold and a pair of larger turbochargers. Running on 100RON fuel only, the reworked SP050.879T engine produces a staggering 922 horsepower and 635 foot-pounds of torque, making the Quattrocento the most powerful production Scagliati ever. Zero to one hundred kilometres per hour is accomplished in 3.8 seconds; two hundred approaches at 8.4 seconds and the Quattrocento sails past three hundred kilometres per hour in 18.8 seconds, all while returning 12.1 litres per hundred kilometres.

On the 19th of November, 2017, an unmodified, customer-specification La Serenissima Quattrocento attempted to set a class speed record as part of final validation testing at the CMW Proving Grounds in Germany, setting an unofficial two-way speed record of 407.704 kilometres per hour through a flying kilometre, achieving the goal that the Prestazione Speciale team set for themselves when they began the project.

Model Specifications La Serenissima Quattrocento
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe
Seating Four
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque, aluminium panels
Suspension double-wishbone front, multi-link rear
Driveline 7-speed double clutch transmission, electronic limited-slip differential
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Engine 60-degree turbocharged V12
Displacement 5398cc
Output 922 bhp @ 8700 RPM
Torque 635 ft-lb @ 5200 RPM
Curb Weight 2069 kilograms
Weight Distribution 57.1%F/42.9%R
0-100 km/h 3.8 s
100-0 Braking Distance 27.3 m
Top Speed 408 km/h
Fuel Economy 12.1 litres/100km
List Price $294,600
Number to be Produced 100

Timeless Beauty - The 1957 300 Turismo.

1957 Scagliati 300 Turismo, in Grigio Ardesia

As part of our company’s 70th anniversary, the Scagliati Museum is proud to present the latest addition to our collection, the 1957 300 Turismo. Making its debut at the 1956 Geneva Auto Show, the 300 Turismo was the much-anticipated follow-on to the Serenissima family, the first and only model family that Scagliati had produced up until that time. Larger, more comfortable and easier to drive than its predecessor, the 300 Turismo featured steel monocoque chassis, the first Scagliati to use this construction method, and the hand-beaten aluminium body panels that had become the signature of Scagliati.

Larger fourteen-inch wire wheels allowed for larger drum brakes front and rear, while the venerable Scalzano V12 grew to 3600cc of displacement, thanks to forged internals and better production methods. Breathing through the ubiquitous six downdraft carburetors, the 300 Sei was good for 253 horsepower and 232 foot-pounds of torque, propelling the 1313-kilogram convertible to one hundred kilometres per hour in seven seconds flat, and on to a top speed of 231 kilometres per hour.

Along with the 300 Turismo, a coupe variant also made its debut, the 300 Cannaregio. The Cannaregio ultiimately lent its name to this body style of Scagliati, with its timeless good looks and stunning performance; the 300 Turismo was almost as fast in every way as the famous “La Dominante” race car of 1954-1955, and without any of the compromises needed to be competitive on the race track. The 300 Turismo was the car with which Scagliati truly entered into the public eye, as the car found its way to stardom through film and television all over Europe and North America.

Model Specifications 1957 300 Turismo
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel drive coupe
Seating Two
Chassis/Body Steel monocoque, aluminium panels
Suspension double-wishbone front and rear
Driveline 4-speed manual transmission, automatic locking differential
Brakes 2-wheel cylinder drums front and rear
Engine 60-degree naturally-aspirated, carbureted V12
Displacement 3600cc
Output 253 bhp @ 5900 RPM
Torque 232 ft-lb @ 5600 RPM
Curb Weight 1313 kilograms
Weight Distribution 57.7%F/42.3%R
0-100 km/h 7.0 s
100-0 Braking Distance 44.5 m
Top Speed 231 km/h
Fuel Economy 19.6 litres/100km
List Price, New $22,100
Estimated Current Value $1.95 million

More details on all three cars here: More details found here: Scagliati Motori SpA - Serenity and Dominance. Presenting The All-New Scagliati Zoccarato Scoperta. Continuing A Proud Name


I have to admit that Scagliati definitely has more Italian flair than Zavir. And that style is just magnificent. I bow to you.


In other news, @MrChips that Scagliati 300 Turismo is pure awesome. I want one :slight_smile: