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2018 Antiyita International Motor Show


Motornation will be attending the event; Nathan García has confirmed attendance and more of the journalists in the team might join.


It makes sense. The Chrysler 300M had only 250 hp in standard form, and the sportier “Special” trim only got an 8 hp increase because of a performance exhaust. (Suspension and such was tweaked as well mind you.) :smiley:


The 5hp its a big difference.
SportX version have better power on all rpm’s and it’s about 10km/h faster than 315hp version.


Try explaining that one to customers. It’s not like even supercars very rarely (if ever) reach their top speed.


SportX have only better downforce (Because he had wing), speed and acceleration on highest speeds.


Four wheels, four cylinders, four seats, four doors. Rear wheel drive. Why so secretive.


Because suddenly it is a 1995 Ford? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





Check out some lore HERE


2018 Ferrain Coupan Concept

(On photo Coupan Concept Cabrio in Cabrio V8 2.4 280 Version)

Created with new engines and Cabrio and Coupe version.
9 engines to choose from 1.4 R4 to 2.4 V8, and from 115hp to 280hp. (400Hp in Widebody version)
19 car versions in it 9 coupe and 9 cabrio -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-----> And one Widebody version that have other old look but it’s almost for drifting.(Almost)


Holts HX-1

(ST Trim shown)


I’ve got something in the works, that in typical fashion will be unveiled early or late, not on time.


The IRO series, but as you’ve never seen it before.

The Amuna IRO-3: where will the road take you next?


Now go out there and do something.

The 2019 Parvus is here.


The 2019 Bonham Orwell

A crossover you actually want
More details soon


Teaser 2



Is it the world smallest station wagon? I hope there’s a LOT more room inside! :laughing: