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2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed


Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2019

Hades Comes to the Festival of Speed to spark a revolution


Something menacing is coming.



Back at Krovstal headquarter, a meeting appointment is bring held to discuss the latest event that is the Goodwood festival of speed.

“Comrades,” Yuri Pavlovsky, the CEO begins, “an opportunity has once again shined upon us. What do you suggest for our consideration?”

Many c-level officers in the room soon expressing their opinions, while a few secretaries serve them drinks.

“No one’s interested in our company, comrade,” points out chief marketing officer, “we should seize the chance to gain the public attention.”

“Ay, debil, you’re making us look stupid,” argues chief financial officer, “sale figures just came in and it isn’t saving itself.”

“Alright, alright, tell us about it,” demands the CEO.

“Our revenue started to drop steadily since our reveal of the Babushka in 2016. People aren’t buying our vans for the hype, and now that hype itself is dying.”

“That’s more a reason to bring it back quickly, comrade,” argued CMO.

“Blyat, we never gain that much money from bullshit marketing. Our vans costs ass to mass produce, and it’s not paying back our investment. I say we shut up and keep making our sensible trims we have been making.”

“But…our nation, comrades!” CMO gets desperate, “we are the survivor of the industry, we will make it out!”

“Yeah, by pure luck, cyka.”

“No no no no, we make it here because of our love towards the mother Russia. The world loves
mother Russia because of us.”

“But our company…” CEO reminds.

“Non-sense, comrade. We must not be swept under the rug under this…western system. We need to preserve this effort of our love.”

“Please don’t,” CFO looks at him, “We need our money to keep ourselves alive.”

The CEO sighs, before making the decision.

“Alright, send them my regards. We’re sending our cars there,” he orders, much to the CFO’s dismay.

“B-but…this is-”


“yes, comrades. We will make the world see what we’re capable of. The Babushka, will return…to promote our lineup and bring back all the profits you lost,” The CEO concludes, before leaving the room, and the fate of the company uncertain.


I don’t think this turreted van would belong at the hillclimb - but maybe it could be repurposed to shoot flares and fireworks during the festival.




Well, time to actually design the exteriors of the cars I’ve built so far


AL Autos Will Be Attending With Our Newest Creation

Stay Tuned!


Coupe Agility

SUV Utility

Shromet Style

This is the Parvus Coupe, and with driving dynamics like this, you’ll never want to get out.

Specs to be unveiled upon launch.







Drivers.com is coming to Goodwood. Stay tuned for more.






Get ready.
Blink and you’ll miss it.

(Not the final design, car may differ from picture shown)


Mondo Automobiles at Goodwood.

Teaser 1


Time for a proper AD

Purple Carbon
Pure sound

Time at the Goodwood Hillclimb is a 47.65 (or maybe 41.01 im not sure what im meant to be looking at)


Mondo Automobiles at Goodwood.

Teaser 2

Phew thanks Sky I almost double posted


Are you sure Platonic is the word you wanted to use? That would be the first time i saw a performance vehicle being advertised as chaste and non-sexual… Usually it’s completely the opposite and marketers are falling over themselves about how erotic the experience is :joy:


Hades Automobiles @ Goodwood 2019

2019 Sees a new breath of fresh air come to Hades

Each Vehicle here is part of the new wave of Hades cars coming or already here. At the back, the 2018 Carthena, and Hypercar of wonderful measure and performance. At the foremost, the 2019 Evolution ONE, first unveild at Geneva this same year, it is here to do untimed runs up the hillclimb. And finally, in the midground, the All New Hades Conquest RS.

Conquest Arrived

The 2020 Hades Conquest is a new style of car for Hades, this being a full scale GT car which is being used as a base for a Hades GTE/GTLM racer, to take part in the 2019-2020 World Endurance Championship in the GTE Class, and for the 2020 IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship in the GTLM Class.

A Small Selection of Liveries

Hades Racing (Top Left) will be the main contenders for both the WEC and WSC using the Conquest Chassis, while a model has been supplied to the Zacspeed Organisation (Bottom Left), While two demonstration liveries have also been created, specifically for this goodwood event, and future demonstration events.

The Conquest RS will go on sale in Late 2020, with the Conquest GTLM available for GTE Am teams in 2021.