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2019 Los Angeles Auto Show


Last-minute unveiling by Silver-York

It’s been a while since Silver-York has appeared at a motor show (on the forums this is a first).
Silver-York has unveiled their newest SUV, and their first new 2020 MY car. The new “Sovereign” is a luxury SUV through and through.


The Sovereign features the traditional “Silver-York” front fascia, however, this has been updated to include what has been dubbed the “teardrop” lights, these DRL’s run through the large headlamp unit and down the side of the centre grill.
Taking the Sovereign name badge and using it on an SUV has been a questionable decision we at Silver-York understand that, we have chosen to do this because SUV’s are the new Luxury sedans. They are the pinnacle in luxury and quality, and to revive a name badge that was first introduced in 1954 representing the 50th anniversary of the company. Unfortunately, the name badge was dropped in 1999 to make way for the new century.


The new Sovereign features various specs and sits at the top of the Silver-York standard line, sitting on a 3.3M ladder chassis wheelbase this new piece of engineering marvel oozes the class and style that Silver-York has held over the last 125 years. Engines include a 3.5L TT V6 and produce 400HP and available is a 6.7L NA pushrod V8 that the Silver-York MoCo has had in use over its divisions for years.
With either AWD or a full 4x4 option.


With pricing and further information expecting to come soon

Silver-York Posting
By Silver-York's Request

Tanaka Akuma Targa Concept

Enjoying Every Sunday Drive the Akuma in a Whole New Way…

Tanaka Akuma Targa Concept with the roof piece down

Tanaka Akuma Targa Concept with the roof piece up

This is the Tanaka Akuma Targa Concept. It is based on the Tanaka Akuma V8S, but with a targa roof. The Tanaka Akuma is designed around its very rigid carbon tub. This means that almost no weight and absolutely no structual rigidity is sacrificed accommodate the open roof of the Akuma Targa Concept. The rear section of the roof is still part of the body while most of the roof is open. However with just a touch of a button, the roof can be closed again.

The retracting roof is made of electrochromic glass. This means that when the glass is over the roof, the glass can be as bright as possible to have sun shining through, or make it pitch black for privacy and to block out the bright sun. With the glass retracted, the electrochromic glass will not function for safety reasons. Projected price would be an additional $6000 over the base price of the normal Akuma.

Enjoying Every Season

The targa top allows you to fully experience all kinds of seasons and weather. In the hot summer, you can open the roof to enjoy the sun, or close it to block out the blindingly bright sun. In spring, you can enjoy the breeze, or close it to block out the wind. In autumn, you can enjoy the cool temperature and the wind, or close it to prevent leaves from getting into your car. In winter, you can close it to prevent snow from getting in your Akuma, or open it to play snowball with yor friends and families. During the rain, you can close the roof to prevent rain from getting in your Akuma. Nevertheless, you enjoy your Akuma in new ways.

@titleguy1, the press day ended at the 21st of November. Today is the 23rd of November. Just a heads up…


Came with a considerable delay in New York…

But it’s here to say it’s idea of the future motoring. You’d probably say that it comes from Mars or from some crazy spaceship in the outter space.
Well, I’m sorry to say you are wrong, because this veichle comes from the MCF’s idea of something future-friendly, never done before.
It came out of the cast, like a flash that followed an inspiring wave, and this is the result…


All the most modern materials used in the automotive are here, together with the lastest driving assistance systems.
An highly efficient engine develops nearly 170 hp and over 300 Nm of torque already at 2700 rpm, keeping an extremely high autonomy and a sursprising acceleration, with a top speed of over 200 km/h.
A newly developed advanced 9-speed gearbox and a AWD traction system guarantees extreme confort and security, also wanting to express the maximum potential of the veichle.

The MEV is ready to dominate each type of route;
Forget the past and get ready to a ney dawn.