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By Silver-York's Request - Thats all folks!


The year is 2020 and Silver-York is coming up to its 120th anniversary. Silver-York has had its ups and downs over the years much like any American company. And though It may not hold the status and class it once held so firmly, the company is still standing and surviving. Many years ago, back in 1935, Silver-York unveiled the Rouge-Teleiótita - an Art Deco masterpiece. Many of you will have heard of this creation: powered by a hand crafted V16, with hand beaten Aluminium panels, and adorned with plentiful artistic detailing. Well… it seems it’s time to relight the fire of art and beauty that is the Teleiótita.

Sitting at the end of the boardroom table is the CEO of Silver-York, a mature and now ageing man - a man of tradition, who understands the true essence of Silver-York. As he looks out over his board of directors and the many department leaders the chesty man begins to speak. “This company is 120 years old this year, we must - I repeat,” He paused letting out a cough, “we must show the world that we can still create beauty and art that reaches the magnitude of the Teleiotita." He stops looking out over the group of people and demands “I want a new Teleiótita!”
This all happened several days ago and well… here we are now.


Challenge Overview:

Design Silver-York’s 120th Anniversary Edition concept car - an art-deco/retro twist on modern Silver-York designs, inspired by the Teleiótita.
(Not a modern twist on a retro Silver-York – so no retro moderns!).
Be creative, come up with a name for the design. It is a modern Teleiótita, but it’s not a Teleiótita so be spicy and creative.

Judgement will be based on the following categories:

• Overall Design
• Continuity with modern Silver-York designs
• Spiritual embodiment of the original Teleiótita (including incorporation of art deco design elements)
• Exclusivity (how much it stands out as a super luxury vehicle, and how much it stands out from the rest of the Silver-York catalogue)


  1. This is a 120th anniversary concept car, so it’s not to be put into production; Silver-York are after a design and a design only. However, MUSTs of engineering are engine placement (front or mid) this is more to determine body type than anything else, and the car and trim year must be set as 2020.

  2. This is a spiritual successor to the Teleiótita, a car that embodied the meaning of the word Teleiótita, aka perfection. The Teleiótita was and is a Super GT of its era: 2 doors, long bonnet/hood, with its design (images shown below). This new design must embody this (further details discussed below).

  3. The design is to be a super GT, performance but also comfort (think Bugatti Chiron), ideally the car would be capable of comfortably cruising at 200MPH (again this isn’t something that has to be done since it’s a design challenge but gives you an idea of the type of vehicle we are after).

  4. Embodiment of Teleiótita: with this being a embodiment of the original design it’s less about making it look like a modern version and more about incorporating the ideas and elements behind it (both design and what the Teleiótita was: a luxurious, superfast car of the era with design at its heart). It doesn’t have to be a long bonneted front engine GT it can be a mid-engine ‘modern’ idea of what the Teleiótita was (a good example of this is how the Bugatti La Voiture Noire is a spiritual successor to the T57 – see images).

  5. Design is of course going to be key in this brief, since that’s what will be being judged! The design is all about finding a balance between several factors… Does it embody Silver-York and the past, present and the future of its design? This is a concept showcasing what Silver-York has done over the last 120 years but also what Silver-York can continue to bring for the next 120 years and beyond. It should be both a vision concept but also a historic concept.

  6. A badge isn’t required to be placed upon the vehicle, but you can recreate the iconic Silver-York eagle if you so desire. (3 simple triangles can be used to replicate this)

  7. OPTIONAL: in addition to all the other standard tasks but not a necessity, we would appreciate any lore in regards to design (why elements were choosen, how it relates to Silver-York etc. These may be helpful in me judging the car since it may explain certain choices etc. Although again this won’t directly score). And for any one wishing to create any art work we would massively appreciate this.


  1. Design is to be set as 2020.
  2. Engine placement must be front or mid / though this is a design only challenge but Engine placement will have a significant impact on the body and it’s design.
  3. Body styles musts be either a coupe/convertible or a sedan/saloon.
  4. 2 or 4 seats
  5. Naming scheme will follow standard practice (SYR [Username] – Trim [Insert your design name] for the car and engine: SYR- [Username] )

Design Inspiration

Bugatti La Voiture Noire:

Eadon Green Zeclat:

Maybach Vision 6:

Bentley EXP 100 GT:

Renault Coupe Corbusier:

Packard Vision Redesign:

1935 Silver-York Teleiótita


Silver-York Catalogue

2020 Silver-York Sovereign

Title-Guy Silver-York Design vision (Unfinished)

2020 Silver-York Precinct Signature Package

And Silver-Yorks past here



Thursday 2nd April 2020 at 21:00 GMT

(includes 5 day grace period for adjustments to the brief)

Good Luck

Will I die on Sundary 12th April 2020 at 21:00 GMT?

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That’s the plan.

Suppose it depends :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’m not entering for my own safety.

This looks and feels very much like a CSC - except that you have never hosted any rounds of that contest, so this one deserves its own thread.


Changed deadline from 12th of April till the 2nd.

Added detail 7. An optional but appreciated step

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Maybe remove YOUR from deadline

There ya go x


Mine mine and mine. Time to design! and i have just the idea. patience

Also for anyone partaking or interested in more about the Teleiótita, i forgot to post this in the OG post so we have two pieces of design from the original car. The first being the special Art-Deco eagle used only on the Teleiótita and then a small poster.




Have added some rear shots in the SY catalogue tab,
Forgot to add them originally so there ya go!

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Going to get this one in early, incase I can submit more than one :eyes:


Silver - York Lucullan
Designed by Zephorus
It was probably a bad idea to stick a V16 in this chromey boy, but Zephorus didn't care, or didn't think it was a bad idea. Either way it's in there now. Somehow.


Engine - 8.0L V16 TT in a Front Long RWD Config
Power - 959hp
Weight - 1743kg
Gearbox - 8 Speed Adv Auto
Top Speed - 215mph
0 - 62 = 4.8s
oh you're still here

Fuel Eco - 19mpg


Yes its not art deco and no i dont care


WELP..... Forgot to open submissions so here you are submissions now open! (Loosing track of time with this lockdown)

Now I know we’ve had the OB update, just to make people aware I will be judging in Stable* ofc until stable is updated which I assume will be relatively soon. Now to prevent issues I recommend people take high quality images both aesthetically but also showing off the cars, I will except image submissions but I must be informed of this. If things change I will report back to you and inform what is happening with the challenge.

*I will also accept picture submissions from the OB



I’d also like to just make people aware it’s probably going to be better to get submissions in earlier since stable is likely to be updated to 4.0 soon, which will cause plenty of it’s own issues

Here we go so less than 5 days left to submit, currently only have one submission so hopefully there’s gonna be some coming. i’ll leave the timer below too!


Here is the Spander design Silver-York Millennium Concept :

More pictures and details

The Bronze grille design takes direct inspiration from Art-Deco and is meant as an homage to the Teleiótita, while keeping modern design elements from modern Silver-York. Round projectors were also implemented with the same idea. The lines also put a great emphasis on the Silver-York logo.

The lines of the car put on an emphasis the long front, housing the 6 Litre V8 “The Foreigner”.

The side hood vent is also a reference to the Teleiótita.

The glassed roof allows a strong impression of liberty, giving the driver and passenger the feeling of being in a convertible, while still being able to enjoy the comfort and quietness of a roofed car.

The overall design of the car has been thought to reflect modern Grand Tourism design and performance while giving a classic feel with bronze and Art-Deco touches.


Silver York Anesidora by Hades

The Anesidora, named after a cult of Gaia, takes the sleek ideals of modern car design, and intertwines them with more classical motif.
The Large, Dominating front grille accented by the beginnings of the wrapping around chrome trims, from the front grille and headlights, all the way around the car to the rear lip.

Alongside those, there is a distinct line that runs from the bottom vents, all the way up to the end of the doors.
The 8 vents on each side of the car are a distinct throwback to the original exposed headers on the Teleiótita, but in a unique and modern style.

Attached to the bonnet is a recreation of the original Teleiótita hood ornament, as a symbol of the direct lineage, which attaches to a line that runs the full length of the car, just like the original Teleiótita.


Silver-York Manhattan by Propeller




银纽约设计红湖围绕最好的美国与中国过度奢侈。对美国俚语和流行趋势的频繁研究和对唐纳德·特朗普(DONALD TRUMP)的研究得出了“银色纽约”的结论。我们研究原车的线条,使之具有现代感和遗产的圆形大灯的美丽线条。我们希望最好的车和希望享受蒂蒂。

Silver New York designed Red Lake around the best of America and China with excessive luxury. Frequent research on American slang and fashion trends and research on DONALD TRUMP have reached the conclusion of “Silver New York TELEPHONE TIT”. We studied the lines of the original car to make them beautiful with the modern and heritage round headlights. We want the best cars and want to enjoy TRANSLATION FAILED. PLEASE CONTACT DEVELOPER. WHAT IT SAY TELEIOTITA ON BACK? WE MEAN A THE MYRTILLE SORRY COMPREHEND NOT GOOD

Sorry we are no English speak Team

EDIT: Oops. Was too exhausted and didn’t read the brief before i submitted this over. Uhhhhhh Call it the Myrtille for now.