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2019 NY Auto Show IRL


Hey, so today I went to NYIAS with @ramthecowy - we took some photos. I took maybe 40ish, but afaik he took about 7 times that so hopefully he’ll have something more interesting to contribute. It was also very busy and I was weary from the crappy Nissan trivia stuff by the time I had arrived (around 1 PM) and taking photos of cars with a 40mm prime lens became difficult and I was honestly not about that life, so just bear with me for now. :laughing:

Here’s the (few) cars that I chose to shoot.





I want that Nissan collection! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


more than 10 times as much actually, but none of them are a whole lot better lmao

Flickr linking is being a bitch so just click on this picture to get taken to the album, sorry