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2020 Super Test for Luxury Sportscoupes/Premium Sportscars


The 2020 FWM Senso

Slay the Track and the Streets.


2020 Durendal SC8
550 hp


The 2020 Vecti Coupé G - For who wants to have comfort and sportiness together in one car
2.8L DOHC I6
404 hp
465 Nm
AWD with 60% rear bias
7-speed DCT
0 - 100 = 3.7 seconds
Max speed : 319 km/h (198 mph)
Fuel economy : 6.7l/100km (35 mpg)
Price : 40.000$


The 2020 Felino P11

Based on the Gatto Neofelis GattoWorks R “P11” series, The Felino P11 features the same turbocharged 3.5L V6 of other GattoWorks tuned cars capable of 604hp@7500rpm and 621Nm@6100rpm. The interior has been completely redesigned and revisited, and the car has been filled with so much luxury and technological equipment to make a Lexus LS look like a Lada. Being based on the Neofelis R, the P11 features AWD, an electric LSD, a 7-speed sequential transmission, a 0 to 100 time of 3.5s and a top speed of 342km/h. The weight is 1816kg, the fuel economy is 8.77km/L and the price is just 76000USD for the “base” version, 90000$ for the even more luxurious P11 L, that features 19 inch carbon rims, 4 real seats (instead of the 2+2 of the regular P11) and an advanced HUD system for both the driver and passenger

Felino: Art, not Automobiles


results are up for everyone interested


Well worth the wait, thank you veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery much!
Also quite glad with how I did.
Also congrats to all


Very detailed analysis and well reasoned aesthetic opinions!
Thank you very much for doing this!


It’s a shame the thread close, I was quite interesed in giving it a try…
Somebody needs to make a new Luxury/Sports Coupe challenge thread…