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24 Hours of ATT: 1985 (DEADLINE: 24/2/2017)


Does the original 24th Feb deadline still stand? I should be able to get it in time but I can’t speak for others


yes, it still stands, but i will allow resubs within reason. i’m not totally heartless


Cool stuff, thanks for clearing this up! :joy:


Maesima NRX-085GT-P

Presenting the first of Maesima’s two entries the 1985 Maesima NRX-085GT-P, a modified version of the companies Group C racing prototype. The NRX-085C was built for Maesima’s Racing Division for the 24 Hours of Le Mans under the Group C formula.

It had the full backing of the State and was given the resources of the whole industry to help in establishing itself this marked the first shift from earlier efforts often undertaken under the Anikatian Auto Union (AAU) conglomerate name.

In time the Maesima’s Racing Development team would come to represent Anikatia’s efforts in the field of motorsports leading the way for its establishment of the brand into western markets.

The example entered into this event features a reworked body and chassis to meet the requirements with the removal of the majority of its aerodynamic downforce. Unlike the Le Mans entry, this variant features completely different engine.

To meet the requirements Maesima turned to Inline Designs (Thanks @phale!) who had developed an inline six and arranged a deal in which the Inline Designs engines would be badged as the Maesima MIDR engine. Inline Designs features sponsorship on this revised livery that closely follows the Le Mans variant and not only highlights the national colours of Anikatia but also of the Maesima company.

The team for Maesima Racing Development #38 comprises members from the Le Mans team second car.

Choi Ji-hun (최 지훈): A seasoned Anikatian racing driver, previously having driven for AAU team in the BRC 1976. Along with numerous domestic state-sponsored racing events. His experienced in endurance racing and front the Maesima team and natural fit along with a welcome escape from the drudgery that awaits back in Democratic Socialist Republic of Anikatia (DSRA).

Dokko Sang-hun (독고 상훈): quiet unassuming Anikatian who many within the team assume received his place because of his family relation to the Dokko family of the Dokko, Hyoun, Bahk Corporation (DHB) within the DSRA rather than due to any talent. He lacks experience and doesn’t seem to take much notice of the track limits and on occasion, he seems to forget the no contact rule.

Sobong Yeong-ho (소봉 영호): a promising young Anikatian upstart with a background in rallying within the DSRA. His abilities secured him a ticket to represent the DSRA in Formula Japan. There he was able to hone his skills earning a place on then developing state efforts for a Le Mans team. He’s always eager to learn the absolute limits of the car and then try and push beyond them.



Stay tuned for our GT-R entry…


I think I might have just shed a little tear or two at how beautiful that livery is and how wonderful the the NRX-085 looks

And big up low-drag endurance racers! :smiley:


Maesima NRZ-986GT-R

Presenting the final of Maesima’s two entries the 1985 Maesima NRZ-986GT-R, a modified version of the companies production NRZ-986 sports car. The NRZ-986 was produced from 1985 until 1994 the design proved highly versatile and during this time it was the basis for numerous racing variants from Le Mans endurance racers to Group B rally monsters. This made it one of the most iconic vehicles for the company.

The example entered into this event is derived from the production Group A touring car formula. Although it shares much with its Group B relative. This one is made for the track with wide flairs, aero and big integrated wing. Powered by a production derived turbocharged inline six. The team for Maesima Racing Development #8 comprises members from the European Sportscar Championship team.

Chekal Sung-ho (제갈 성호): A short and seemingly unremarkable Anikatian, who actually a real demon behind the wheel. He has a had plenty of racing endurance experience racing at 24 Hours of Daytona, 1000 km Spa and Bathurst 1000 along with numerous domestic state-sponsored racing events.

Namkung Sŏng-jin (남궁 성진): An older Anikatian who has earned his place through years of racing experience. He though he began as a mechanic his true skills was soon discovered and since then he’s always been behind the wheel. From rallying to endurance he’s had his share of it from years of local events in the DSRA mostly rallying. To open wheel racing formulas in Japan than Europe. He found his way to the endurance racing with the Maesima team for the European Sportscar Championship.

Koong Jin-ho (궁 진호): Loud and showy Anikatian who oddly is known to be very calm, quiet and calculating driver. He possesses great skills in setup up the car and works closely with the engineering and technical staff. This is despite his relatively limited racing experience. But his on-track performance speaks for itself.



Goodluck to all team!

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Well I wasn’t expecting something like that to be entering! Digging those side exhausts by the way :wink:


Ummm… yeah… it should be close to ‘‘road legal’’ spec? I’m not the design genius anyway and the way outdated body is packing a forced inducted engine with sport tyres and FWD so I asked myself why not use these exhaust? :sweat_smile:


I like it personally! Plus there’s some good streamlining on that sort of body shape. And there’s no denying that you’d be one of the most recognizable cars out on the track…


I’m looking forward to the race! I’m interested in how the group C body performs and how people managed to squeze out 8 litres out of their engines.


Me too. Seeing as both you and @AirJordan are using that body, I look forward to see how you two stack up against one another.


Well I have 100hp less so since matti is skilled builder I don’t think I stand any chance…


I’m running my first turbo powered car in any racing series and have under 40 engine reability and low drivability too. The difference on track maybe isn’t that much. It will be much more a battle between Forced Induction vs NA. I’m wondering if you have gone for FWD too.


You think you stand no chance? My GTP only makes 221 HP and weighs slightly more than Matti’s, and is probably worse than your car. But oh well, all’s fair in love and racing :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, I went rwd, 200hp, and 800kg so the name 1000. Drivability is quite good I think so chances of finishing are high.
Going fwd in body that has a lot of weight at the back is…interesting choice :smile:

In those lap time based competitions, power to weight is a lot, especially if you know your opponent can tune his suspension as well.


FWD yielded faster lap times because of the lower weight due to a heavy engine. Suspension tuning was done after rage qutting and hitting the ‘‘race’’ default.


I cant tune suspension well at all, theres probably a guide on how to properly tune suspension, but i just go and tune it to give me the most green.


After seeing what some cars are putting out hp wise I have a quite powerful car. I’m not sure if I expect to blow an engine or crash.


@JohnWaldock did you allow Barth bodies?