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3D Requests Thread [DEAD -- DONT POST IN HERE -- ]


Edited the thread title Cheeseman, needed to clarify to others that company logo requests should go in here, not a new thread.


Can someone make me a badge for the game please

All im looking for is a chrome circle with an S in the middle of it

Would of made an image but only have paint on this computer atm

(Not looking for anything to use on the fourms)



Well, yeah, that would also be cool, IMO. Perhaps somebody could merely modify the stock SUV body already in the game? It would be a little easier than making a whole new body from scratch, and I’m sure at least most of us who would want such a body would still be quite satisfied. :slight_smile:


I need something that someone already did but that i lost during the conversion to steam. I had the vanilla exhausts but with 3 different borders. Car colour(vanilla), chrome and plastic.
I tried searching it but if i remember correctly it was posted outside this section and search isn’t returning results.


Can anyone please make this into a badge?


Could anyone please make a 3D badge for my car brand. That would be fantastic! It can either be the logo itself (plain as is) for the bonnet or a metallic version for the grill that lacks the name in the badge.

Bonnet badge:

Metallic grill badge:

P.S. Sorry or the image size. But I want it to be sharp and high quality.

EDIT: Changed the logos a bit, I like them more this way.


Can you do a logo for my car company?


I would see my logo as the mod to the game
(plz don’t kill me that it’s made in Paint ;_:wink:


if somebody could make out of this that would be really nice


Sorry for this big image, I want it to be sharp.

If anyone could make this as a bagde in CHROME, I would be sooo happy. :3

(Company Name: Maximum)


Astana? This brand exists: is a cycling pro team.


Hehe primarily I would say it is the capital of Kazakhstan! :stuck_out_tongue: Slightly bigger and more important than the cycling team of the same name :wink:




i would really like to see some vans bodyes (with a max 9 seats choice) like

fiat ducato all series or at least first 2 '81->'93(was shared with alfa romeo too) '94->'03(shared design with peugeot and citroen) : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_Ducato
iveco daily at least series 2 : it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iveco_Daily
opel vivaro (already modded / found in community pack)
mercedes 3xx/4xx/5xx '70->'90 series(already modded / found in community pack)
mercedes sprinter : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_Sprinter
chevy van : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Van
vw transporter(t1/t2/t3) perfect for rear engine :wink: :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Transporter

i would like to see a lot more bodyes but 12/15m busses or 7.5+tons trucks are out of plans right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Both true, the funny thing is that I didn’t realize until later. Thinking of a brand name I must of have unconsciously picked that name even not knowing it already exists :slight_smile: I like it, it is at least not a name with motor company in it and it is short and catchy. At least that is what I find.

I would like to hear how others feel about the name though, I’m always open for comments :slight_smile:

Btw I hope picking such a name is not really a problem? You cannot put copyright rights on capital names I guess. Not that anyone would bother I guess :smiley:


On the assumption that you do not use the name for a legitimate commercial venture (especially in the world of cycling) I’m pretty sure you’ll be OK.
As for the name itself, It’s a good a name, has a nice ring to it. Certainly more thoughtful than my primary company name, but in my defence I came up with that when I was 17 and drawing cars on a Commodore Amiga many moons ago and decided to keep it.


Can someone make my company logo?

The blue and white one is the main badge.
The second one is just a chrome D, no background.


http://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/beautylucy/589.jpg : Can you make the letters DVA and the colors white and black please


I would really love for some logo/badge making help. I’ve got the idea for how I would like it to look but really no design savvy to make it on a PC. Being that the name of my company is HeavyC Inc. I would really like The two letters H and C incorporated together. I was thinking about having the upper part of the C making the middle line of the H. Then the bottom part of the C trailing off to the right in sort of an arrow shape. In chrome and held within a circle would be awesome. However I’m very open to design interpretation. Thank you in advance!


look i was totally noob in 3ds max 4 days ago now i managed to do 4 badges and a vent :slight_smile: if i did it everyone can :wink:
the hardest part is to understand how the planar map has to be done but in fact is easyer than it seems (i lost the first 3 days to understand it) so if you wanna try and need help just ask me and i will try to help you (on pm or on my mod post):wink: