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90 Camaro RS


here is my ride a 90 Camaro RS with a 5.0 V8 engine :smiley: but Germany really screws it up with expensive fuel and taxes^^ but i don’t care, driving is fun :smiley:


This model of Camaro is by far the best looking Camaro of the lot! Beautiful thing. It makes all the other cars in the photo look really drab, especially since the other cars are all grey/black :stuck_out_tongue:.


^Agreed! I really like the 3rd Gen F-body (Camaros only though…never a fan of Firebirds for some reason).


I have to say, first i was looking for a late 2nd gen over here cause my dad drove them when i was a little boy. They also effortable cause we could drive them with oldtimer admission ->but unfortunately i found nothing in the 2nd area. So i looked at a cheap 90 3rd and loved it since i first time sat in it :slight_smile: it does not need that much of fuel and the taxes can be payed the next 6 years until its an oldie over here too.


got news at this thread - i was sellin my 90’s Camaro in 2015 - i bought an ugly Deawoo Matiz with the 64hp 1.0 engine as a winters-car.

i just came 3 months without Chevy and bought an 89 Camaro RS with an 305 TBI and 5-speed manual. It has open Airfilter, Headers from Hooker and a 3" exhaust with sportscatalyst and a Flowtech Afterbruner that sounds simply awesome :slight_smile:

15" 235 in the front - 255 in the back - also a classic louver on the rear window. i just love it ^^