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A Journey Through Time Round3 - 1955 [CLOSED][UE4]


Wow! What a generous loyalty program.


Introducing the 1950 Bogliq Automotive lineup!!!

MY50 Bogliq Bastion

An all new model for 1950, the Bastion has been designed to specifically address the shortcomings of the previous model while simultaneously looking forward to Europe’s glorious future…

The new Bastion boasts an impressive 50Kw from it’s 2.2L straight six and obtains a top speed of 138Km/h thanks to a smooth as butter “Bogglide” two speed automatic. Capable of seating five in comfort, the smooth engine, decent fuel economy of 15.1L per 100Km and low annual maintenance of $521 combine to produce the businessman’s dream drive. No longer does the salaryman have to suffer while his boss gets to relax in comfort and largesse!

And all this will only cost $8,176 AU’s!!! So what are you waiting for?

MY50 Bogliq Belfast

Our future is only secure if we learn the lessons of the past. The new for 1950 Belfast shows that Bogliq Automotive isn’t one to sit on its laurels but is constantly chasing improvements for the benefit of its customers…

The Belfast is powered by a gutsy 30Kw 1.3L inline four and posts a respectable 106Km/h top speed. The Belfast sticks with the tried and true three speed manual gearbox for maximum performance and minimum fuss. The interior boasts seating for four adults and the combination of small size, fuel economy of 10.9L/100Km and annual service costs of $277 means that the Bastion is both fun to drive and easy on your wallet!

The Bogliq Belfast will cost $5,807 AU’s so don’t delay, buy one today!

Buy Better, buy Bogliq


All New for 1950 - Ardent Estate 400 Series

Safety, sleekness, and strength. These are the three S’s that Ardent puts in every new 1950 Estate wagon.

All-steel construction and hydraulic assisted brakes give you peace of mind on the road. Standard.

Aerodynamic design, adapted from the Midnight line of sport coupes gives you stability and economy in tough winds. Standard.

A new 102 horsepower Orion six-cylinder engine gives the strength to move at your command. Standard.

Ardent believes in giving you value in every car. That’s why the new Estate 400 series wagons have all of these features and more, standard.

And if standard isn’t enough, the Estate is offered in three levels, catering to your every desire.

See your local Ardent dealer to arrange a test drive, and see why Ardent is the choice for you.

Thursday July 21, 1949 - Ardent Corporate Offices - Cincinnati, OH

“One hundred and two horsepower.” Jack Chancellor slammed his fist into the engine schematics on his test. “One hundred and two horsepower is not enough, John.”

“It’s all I had to give, sir,” John protested.

“You had the entire design resources of the power division at your fingertips, and all you could come up with was a hundred and two? God damn it, John, you were supposed to be able to pull the balls off a bull with this thing, and you’ve made it a goat jockey?” Jack growled.

“Sir, Mr. Wainwright kept…”

“Don’t put this on someone else, Jack.”

The senior engineer had had enough. He shot up from his chair, grabbed the chair next to it, and flung it across the room. “Will you listen to me, you old jackass?”

Jack was taken aback. He stood up, taking a drag from his cigarette. There was a brief pause. “Go on, then.”

“Mr. Wainwright’s Taurus project is almost two years behind schedule,” John protested, starting to calm down. “There was no V8 available. I couldn’t put anything more than an Orion in. And if you REALLY want to know whose fault that is,” the engineer laughed nervously as he ran his hands through his hair. “It’s yours, sir. For putting too much work on him and not giving him enough engineers.”

Jack set his cigarette in the ash tray, sat down, and calmly folded his hands in front of him. “This is going to cost us, John.”

“No, sir. It’s going to cost YOU. The project’s almost done. Your golden boy can finish it out. I quit.”

John Case turned and took three steps before his boss stopped him.

“So that’s it? Your illustrious career is going to end with, what, a mediocre wagon? Is that how you want to be remembered?”

John turned around and snarled. “What do you care? You’re too stuck in your ways. You don’t listen to what anyone says, save for Stanton. You’d rather run this company into the ground than adapt.”

Jack lifted his cigarette from the tray to his mouth, leaning back as he inhaled. “Maybe not. You know, John, it’s been a long-ass time since anyone’s had the balls to call me out on anything. But are you right about this? About Desmond?”

“Absolutely,” he retorted without hesitation.

“Alright then. One more project for you. One to be remembered for the ages. Instead of fizzling out, you’ll be remembered,” the CEO made an emphatic gesture with his hands, “as the man who brought Ardent out of the war, and led Stanton Glass to his golden age.”

John rolled his eyes and groaned. “You seriously want me to work with THAT arrogant son of a bitch?”

Jack nodded and puffed.

John paused for a moment. “I’ll consider it.”

Submitted trim: 410 Custom in Spanish Olive. $9750 AUD at 0 markup. Price listed above is inflation-compensated and for the 400 Standard trim.


Guilt-patriot tripping people into buying our cars is the best marketing strategy we could think of, because honestly, there aren’t any redeeming features of this thing


Redeeming feature: Yours is much better looking than mine.

Not redeeming feature: You managed to squeeze out less HP from 50 more cubes than my straight six. :stuck_out_tongue:

(now preparing to drag Savage/Wasp into the Bogliq-Ardent rivalry)


What’s the point of that power when we don’t have any real tires :smiley:



I didn’t have any problems finding a way to gear my car to use it… :stuck_out_tongue:


@Imperator is it still okay to join the current round?

and this is set globally, or in america or some place like that/


I thought we were in Europe TBH…

@VicVictory, @squidhead Hahahaha, that’d be awesome! A three way battle for market supremacy would be fine with me :wink:

The more the merrier IMO!!!


If possible, Conte will join in the 60s :wink:


well that’s why i’m asking. no assumptions. no mention of it. and a mix of both american and european styled cars.


@Mr.Computah yes you can
@koolkei yep

Can you please give me your company names


i’ll be entering as : Grehet Motoring :tm:


I’ll be entering as Contendiente.


And can you please, PLEASE tell us which region we’re set in so we can fine tune the trajectories our companies will take @Imperator :thinking:

I don’t mind if it’s set as world wide but it’d be really nice to have this topic clarified… :nerd_face:


Sorry been one hell of a day. It’s set in Western Europe. So Germany France U.K. Spain and Italy essentially

Also, entries close in 13 hours!


Takemi’s submission. Kei cars weren’t really around until the mid to late 1950’s, so I thought I’d do a passenger version facelift of the van thing I did for '46.



*Depicted is a beauty shot model with wing mirrors omitted to better accentuate the car’s sleek lines
** This is totally not due to me being a complete derp and having forgotten to add them before making the ad

Bonus shot with mirrors in place