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Adonijin Motors


~ Aleumdawo salang seule owo ~

Adonijin is a collaboration company between myself and @Obelisk, they are a brand that focus mainly on sports cars, off-roaders, hypercars, and motorsports. The engineering half is done by Obelisk, design is done by me, and we will both develop the lore together.


Adonijin are a South Korean brand, founded by a Korean engineer and British designer in 1960. They were founded to compete with the dominant Japanese brands and entered the market in 1964. Adonijin specializes in low-volume cars of varying types.

Current lineup: 1964

Adonijin 800I '64 - ? (Sport/Sport Budget)

Old lineup:

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Adonijin 800I

The Adonijin 800I, a mid-engined sports coupe first released in 1964, was an instant hit for its unique design and massive power hike over its competitors in the 800cc market - boasting a whopping 100 HP while its closest competitor made about 70. It was originally intended to have a 1 litre engine, but the decision was made to downscale to 800cc to increase the redline, shave weight and bolster reliability. The original 1L engine prototype was prone to mechanical failure, but the 800cc engine was as reliable as a Toyota.

The biggest trouble the developers had when developing the car had to do with the front fascia - as distinct as they are, they proved problematic. An early prototype of the headlights produced some sort of anomaly that the engineers refused to discuss in post-launch interviews - although the rumour mill says it had something to do with one of the wheel arches attempting its best imitation of gelatin while the vehicle was stationary. Later revisions of the headlight design resolved this issue, and the car was swiftly pushed to production. The 800I would remain in production until 1971 with little change.

Adonijin 800I - ANJ 800 - I4NA ‘64
Chassis, Drivetrain & Weight: Mid longitudinal RWD Steel Monocoque with Aluminium panels - 816kg (44F/56R)
Gearbox & Suspension: 4 Gear Manual & Double Wishbone F&R Standard suspension with Twin-Tube dampers & Passive sway bars
Engine: 100.5 @ 7200RPM - 7,600RPM redline - Full Aluminium 800cc/0.8L DOHC16 N/A I4 - 10.4:1 Compression - 15.8mpg (22.2mpg average)
Wheels: Magnesium 15 inch Sports rims on radial medium compound tyres (P150/90R15 92S F & P195/70R15 98S R)
Brakes: 230mm Solid Disc 1 Piston calipers front & 230mm Solid Disc 1 Piston calipers rear
Misc: Open Differential - No Power Steering - Advanced 60s Safety
Exterior layout & Interior: 2 door standard door liftback coupe - Sport 2 seater & Standard AM Radio
Design: Elegant sporty styling - 1 exhaust tip (2.0’ pipe directed to tip) - Front and rear indicators - Rear reverse light
Markets & Value: Sport/Sport B./Conv. Sport B./Muscle - For sale at 2,804.24KRW (22,800 in game)

Car file for BeamNG: Adonijin 800I