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[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #2 [Concluded]


Yeah, towing is a bit busted, and seems to be somewhat based on the size of the body. 75 HP is going to be a requirement for the mountains though.


Currently in the works


WHAT?? NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo… What am I going to do with my 3.2L V16 Semi??? FML!!! :rofl::rofl:


Is it too late to enter?


You still have about 5-6 days.


And is the power limited to 75hp or can it be more?


More, not less.


Lmao at the warning. Btw it does look like a retro version of the cyber truck.


FM TrailWay Basic…


Are there any naming rules for the submission?


:star2: Model name must be AEC 2 (Your Username)


Clarification requested:

Are you checking said emission limits on the engine tab or the trim tab?


For the sake of fairness to some of the entries I already have, engine emissions only. Otherwise I’d have to bin 1/3 of the current entrants.


NKM Ivan

Crazy Dimitri has good deal for you. Maybe fell off delivery truck, maybe not. Hard to tell. Sometimes get scratched like this at factory. But is still good deal, pretty much.

You like, huh? Has engine. Runs like Tupolev airliner. Maybe smokes less. Unless driver smokes too, right? What you say you need for power? Ah, who cares. This has maybe 150 llamathrusts. Don’t ask Dimitri for horsepower. Dimitri doesn’t use measurements of capitalist swine.

Yes. Yes, is good truck. Powerful, big engine. But not too big. Is small enough to evade taxes in most countries. You like, yes?

Good, Dimitri has more than one if you need it.


This doesn’t seem dodgy at all, I’ll take one :smile:


It’s also totally not loosely based on Ivan from Cars 2. lol


Quánzhī Truck


1990 Bogliq Brawnee

Here’s hoping my interpretation of the rules matches the OP’s, lol!


Bit more than a day to go. Pretty sure I’ve got 8 submissions this time so far.


Does green paint increase fuel efficiency or lower emissions?

One of the workers stole a seat to get some paint, and we’re not really sure where it came from or when we can get a replacement