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Amero Motors (On hold)


We welcome you to the Amero motors thread


Coming Soon

Current Personnel:

Artyom Ranger: Ceo & Founder of Amero Motors

Erik Wanner: Lead Engineer

Rita Urla: Lead Desginer

Alexander Pron: Head of R&D Department

Viktor Strukz: Manager of the Amero Workshops/Dealerships

June Bernado: Lead Marketing

Production Lines:

  1. Luxembourg Opened in 1940 —> Still in Operation
  2. Hamburg, Germany Opened in 1955 —> Still in Operation

(i decided to makes the new thread now because its going to take some time before the old one gets deleted)


Ladies & Gentlemen we present to you 1940 Ponto

Our first car our company produced as Artyom introduced the Ponto i didn’t get much attention due the company still being in their baby shoes, it sold poorly in the first few weeks after its introduction but luck was on his side and he managed to snatch a contract of the Government

The ponto is powered by a 1.0 liter inline 4 or a 1.0 liter inline 6 and could be ordered with three different colors.


This is a great vintage work truck, but why is the straight-six version more economical than the straight four? Also, the bright orange seems out of place for a wartime truck and might be more appropriate for 60s and 70s muscle cars, and sports, super and hypercars from the 00s onward. It still looks like a classic truck should, though.


Thank you, i guess i somehow managed to make it more economical i guess xD

Yeah i sort of regret the orange now oh well i might fix that


Ladies & Gentlemen we present to you the 1940 Ponto Cargo/Van

To fulfill the government contract Artyom needed to introduce a different variant of the ponto pickup, around four months after the introduction of the ponto, he presented the ponto cargo which was a cargo van & a van built on the ponto platform.

Both cars only were powered by the 1.0 liter inline 4 but it has been stated that a new inline 6 will be added later.

With the new models introduced, two new colors were added to the color pallet forest green & silver white and he stated that they will remove the color worker orange for now.


Why are the engines so small? And why is the I6 the same displacement as the I4? Could you not have made the I6 a 1.5L that shares pistons, conrods and valvetrain bits with the I4? Theoretically that would be more economical from a production standpoint and enable it to carry higher payloads wouldn’t it?


Both new colors are more in keeping with the utility vibe of the Ponto, and should stand the test of time, i.e. they are appropriate for any and every era, including the current one. Forest Green is, to all intents and purposes, British Racing Green; Silver White is just… white. However, for the 60s and 70s you could resurrect Worker Orange (and possibly bring it back again for the 21st century).


Thank you for your opinion, we will definitely bring back Worker Orange or however it will be called then :slight_smile:


We are currently working on a new inline six


A new engine

05.04.1940 Amero finally introduced the new inline six that will replace the 1.0 liter inline six, the new engine is a 2.0 liter inline 6 producing 111hp@5100Rpm & 170Nm@3000Rpm

The new engine will be available for all current & upcoming models




10.04.1941 Amero informs that production will cease by the end of the month, due the lack of materials and other reason the company will remain closed until the war has ended.

Before the doors get closed, the company will be presenting a prototype car.


So… What will Amero Motors build first after the war? Putting the brand on hiatus during wartime is understandable, though.


First off we will build again our current models & might even give them a face lift, perhaps build the prototype we showcase.


23.04.1941 10:00 - Amero Assembly plant

Artyom stood patiently inside the assembly plant, watching the workers get the last machines & tools stored away he let out heavy sigh as he gazed around the now empty room they sold every car left on stock nothing left to be stolen or to be vandalized.

“Sir!” a voice called behind him snapping him out of his thoughts, he turned around seeing one of his workers waving from one end of the room. “What is it Johnson?” he asked the worker, “we are nearly finished with stage for the presentation “Johnson yelled.

Artyom nodded in response “Good job, I will be in my office got some paperwork left” he spoke before making his way to his office.

23.04.1941 16:00 - Presentation

The room was filled with chattering a group of a hundred or two hundred people waited in front of the stage waiting for the car to be revealed, on the stage something is hidden behind red curtains.

Artyom was dressed in a tuxedo nervously standing behind the stage making readying himself for the presentation, a minute passed before he signaled one of his workers to turn off the lights as he made his way on the stage.

It went silent as the light turned off after a couple of seconds the light on the stage was lit standing there was Atryom “Greetings ladies & Gentlemen, i welcome you to this presentation” Artyom said from the stage
“We will present to you a car that might give you a glimpse how our future cars might look like there isn’t much information I can give you since it’s only a prototype i still hope you will enjoy it”

“I present to you the Altero” with these words, the curtains fell to the ground revealing the Altero.

[Sry my bad english xD]


No Hiatus after all, i managed to quickly take out the hard drive and put it in a external hard drive reader and it still works!

Must be something wrong with the cable, but that’s an easy fix.



02.09.1945 With WW2 coming to an end, amero announced that they will start producting starting again next year 1946, reason being that the assembly plant is partially destroyed and the rebuilding is going very slow.


The first look on the second version of the Ponto, while the looks will remain mostly same with some smaller differences. The biggest changes will be under the hood but i told enough already…

It will be relased in January 1946


I guess its time to revive this thread, perhaps leaving a small hint for something new.

At Ball 2


After pondering for a while, i decided to put all my companies indefinitely on hold.

The reason why is simply, i don’t have the same eagerness as before to work on designing cars its not because i don’t like the game anymore but rather whenever i try to make a new car i simply sit there struggling to design and i quite often get annoyed in the process and it gets deleted in the end.

Instead i decided to return to my roots of my begging’s here, Which was just being a simple engine manufacturer that’s how amero started here on the forums. So keep an eye out for a new company in the engine sharing forum.

I’m terrible sorry for anyone waiting for any cars from my companies, i don’t know when i will be starting posting regularly in them again. Perhaps i will post some random cars on Artyom’s Corner once my fire for it has been rekindled.

Thank you for your comprehension.