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An Oversized Collection of Photos from a Classic Car Racing Event


On Sunday, the 4th of February, me, My dad, and his best mate went to the 2018 Skope Classic. The Skope Classic is a yearly meeting on the first weekend of February every year that takes place at the Mike Pero Motorsport park in Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s the largest racing meet in Christchurch every year, and always bring out some amazing Street and Race cars. I’ll start with the race cars, I guess. I’ll give the name of the car if I can actually remember it.

The Racing Cars

Fiat Abarth 1300/Fiat 850 Coupe.

1970-or-80-something BMW M6 Group C

The Above M6’s Inline 6 Motor

A BMW M3 and a rather crazy Ford Cortina (ignore the finger pls)

Alfa Romeo GTA

BMW 3-series Touring Car

Nissan Primera Touring Car

The Better Primera Super Touring Car

Another BMW M3 Touring Car

Walkinshaw Holden V8 Supercar

Yet another 3-Series Touring Car

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) Group A “Godzilla”

And Godzilla’s All-powerful RB

A very Menacing Looking 1969 Mustang Boss 302

Chevrolet Corvette C4 with a some minor Bodywork

It’s a Capri

Another Angry Capri

Guess what? It’s an Oldsmobile

Here’s a motor from a Falcon

It’s a Racing 914/6. I want it

Alfa Romeo Touring Car. It’s for Sale too.

Motherfuckin’ race car Fiero.

M5 Gives no fucks at all

Guess what? This one’s the Fastest Starlet I’ve ever seen.

Awesome old Willys Coupe with a Corvette LS7

And here’s NZ$1,450,000

It’s a 911 GT3 Cup Car! (There were so many 911s.)

This one’s a Buick. It blew up on it’s last race and cost my dad $10

Probably the Loudest V8 I’ve ever heard.

This one’s a Fiat 500 with a Yamaha Motorbike engine. We think Hayabusa.

Braaaap, Braaaaaap, Machine Gun Fire

Alfasud, Alfasud!

Sadly it’s not real.

Yet another M3, but this one’s a street car. “street” car

Another R32, but this one’s not a Group A. So no super speed.

IMSA-style livery Datsun Fairlady

Couple of Sexy Fiat X1/9’s

Alfa Romeo 155. I think it broke.

Formula Renault Car. 1 of 2 there, both very quick.

It’s a Ferrari.

Rather Amazing looking Formula 5000 car.

Can-Am car, I think.

Parking Lot Cars will be another post

Have some Noises, too.


Time for

The Parking Lot Cars

A Lotus Europa and an Alfa Romeo Spider, and a Mustang, too

Lancia Delta Evo

Shed Built Ford GT40

Jaguar C-type Replica

Ferrari 308 GTS

Dodge Charger.

Beautiful Maserati

Chevrolet Impala’s from the 60’s are so nice.

A Photo from a car of a Ferrari 308 GT4

Hey look, a Zephyr.

The Cleanest Challenger I’ve ever seen.

NZ$450,000 of pure, radiating Sexyness.

A Skyline GT-R R32.

A convertible C7 Corvette

It’s a Triumph.

Wosley 1300 *swoon*

and a Perfectly Clean 1935 Chevy Coupe.


that “Buick” is an FB RX7.


It’s either a Buick, or a Mazda with a Buick V6 in it.


Crikey @Vri404, why didn’t you put a NSFW warning on that Triump Herald hard top coupe?


mazda with a 4.5L Buick V6


Yup, definetely an RX7 :wink:


Must’ve been a car nut’s dream…