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Aruna's Mods


Finally, a full-sized E-segment body that doesn’t look too dated for the mid-90s to early-00s. I’ve been waiting for something like this, and it’s a welcome addition to your growing list of mod bodies.


Some 70s or 50s family car in future?


Rather quick update! My old laptop went to sleep forever, as the motherboard fried. Thankfully I have backup of my models and everything. Now using a new laptop, I’m extremely disconnected and feel really off the tracks so to speak. It’ll be likely I won’t be uploading/making a mod in some time, but I cannot say for certain how long. I hope to get back into it, but I honestly have no idea how long it’ll take me to get used to a complete refresh…


Continental 00’s body

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00’s GT Sedan body (2.7m) with a vast lineup of 16 different variants, some featuring different livery patterns to experiment with. 1995 year. Based upon Bentley Continental GT. (To scale dimensions.)

Standard Normal {N}
Standard Livery 1 (GT3) {L1}
Standard Livery 2 (Rolls Royce Two Tone) {L2}
Standard Livery 3 (Bugatti Two Tone) {L3}
Standard Two Tone {L4}
Targa Glass {TG}
Targa Hard {TH}
Targa Soft {TS}
Spyder Hard {SH}
Spyder Soft {SS1}
Spyder Soft (No window) {SS2}
Cabrio Coach {CC1}
Cabrio Coach Glass {CCG}
4 door {4DR}
4 door Cabrio Coach {4CC}
4 door Cabrio Coach Glass {4CG}

For 4.21 Open Beta

Continental body (2.7m)


I will be working on three different wheelbase versions: SWB, LWB and Limo wheelbase for this! Coming soon!