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Aruna's Mods


I was actually going exactly off the R129 SL500’s design for the convertible types, eagle eye! :smile:


One general request: when it cones to making replica bodies can you make it such that the various creases on them (e.g. with the Orochi) start on a flat plane and then can be morphed in? Otherwise this highly restricts what you can do with the body in Automation, hence why the small Aventador body of yours is pretty much unusable.


Hopefully sometime into the future I will get a chance to recreate my older mods, I’ll do so in popularity of them. So it’ll be the 910 first, Caspita, Karoq, and so on :smile: With that I will hopefully iron out those flaws.


Hey, another small update here!

Recently with the issues having AMD Drivers on Unreal & Automation, it’s been giving me big problems. I have the latest patch which allows me to once again play Automation (Yay!) although it doesn’t let me run the Automation SDK on Unreal, meaning I can’t actually produce mods at the moment, until a fix, or the next major update 4.23, I think.

However in the mean time, I’m entering my final university semester so I will be busy with that, but currently I have gotten a lot of work done and ready for the game! The Stagea project including all of the wheelbases are ready to test in game, but I can’t actually do any of that, as I said above. Anyway, enough ranting, here’s some spoilers!:

Unique to the SWB, the 3 door hatchback (based on Pulsar):

Truck and 4 door truck inspired by the Subaru Baja (below x2)

For comparison, here is all three coupe versions at each size variant:

Some of you in the Automation Discord may have seen, but for now I am continuing to just model. Going back to a complete re-build of the 910 project! A 1960s Le Mans classic body shape!

As of now I have the base full rear window and the inset shapes done, expect more to come! This is project is half for my university course, and half for the developers, so expect to see it vanilla in game down the line~ :sparkles:

Even still, I will most likely upload mod variants to the workshop including the return of the speedster (no roof) one!

As for now thanks for continuing to watch and support me, I hope to continue and give another progress report soon enough. :sparkler:


As it turns out, making my drivers go back a few has worked and now I can access unreal and get back to working. So stay tuned!


The 2-door truck variant you have just shown us reminds me somewhat of a Commodore ute - specifically, the VG which shared its basic structure with the VN/VP sedan and wagon. But what sizes will the ute variant be available in? Short, medium or long wheelbase? At any rate, the 3-door hatchback variant of the short-wheelbase body set is a welcome addition to the growing list of new bodies you have in the pipeline for us.


Sharyō 90s

90’s estate body (2.7m) with a lineup of 10 different variants. 1985 year. Based upon Nissan Stagea WC34. (To scale dimensions.)

Standard (Estate)
Standard (Van)
Saloon (4dr)
Hatchback (5dr)
Hatchback (3dr)
Coupe (2dr)
Convertible Soft (Coupe)
Convertible Hard (Coupe)
Truck (4dr)
Truck (2dr)

For 4.21 Open Beta


Sharyō 90s SWB

90’s estate body (2.2m) with a lineup of 11 different variants. 1985 year. Based upon dimensions of Nissan Pulsar(To scale dimensions.)

Standard (Estate)
Standard (Van)
Saloon (4dr)
Hatchback (5dr)
Hatchback (3dr) {Pulsar/Civic shape}
Hatchback (3dr)
Coupe (2dr)
Convertible Soft (Coupe)
Convertible Hard (Coupe)
Truck (4dr)
Truck (2dr)

For 4.21 Open Beta


Tram 60’s

60’s Tram body (4.0m) 1960 year. Based upon Tatra T3

Standard (N)

For 4.24 Open Beta

Extra notes:

The thumbnail within game is a blank white picture because the Tram is too large for the camera! This also has weird effects within the photo-mode in game!

Because of the asymmetry in this tram mod, it has a strange UV around areas where it isn’t the same on one side to the other. Things like grilles will be okay, but when I tested it seemed like fuel caps were the worst affected by this.

There are a few morphs for the front and rear cabin shape which can be accessed by the left side windows to make the front more pointy or completely flat.

In Beam export tests I did I had a few varied outcomes, sometimes steering would be inverted, or break when pulled too hard. My suggestion is to use solid axle all around and hope for the best.

The chassis setup I used was: 1960 Steel panel, steel ladder chassis with soil axle coil.


With clever use of fixtures, it won’t be so much a tram as a very long bus!


If you have time, please consider answering my mod restoration survey! Since 4.24 is out, and mods need updating, I will try my best to update the chosen one of oldest mods and update it completely from scratch.The survey will close on Monday 20th April.


I assume the Continental body is gone for good?

I have yet to see somebody else use it, shame cuz if done right it can make for a pretty sweet luxury sedan body


It’s not gone, I’ll update all of my old mods except the old 910, since there is already a new version based for vanilla (yet to be implemented). I’d love to get around to updating really poorly executed ones, like the Continental though yes.


In what way do you think it’s poorly executed?


I just felt like I didn’t give it my all compared to more recent works


are you open to suggestions for body mods?


No, I’m not open to suggestions


Small update! If you didn’t know already, I have a new car for the vanilla game, the 60’s Mid LM! With this in game now, the old mod (910) will not be further updated.

Hope you enjoy it! Have fun! :sparkler:


hey is there a way i contact you on Fb or Email, ther’s some questions i woud like to ask


Ask them here if you wish!


so how can i make a car on automation then just change the body look (with one of mine made using Blender2.81) or at least how to import it to automation without any mortphing options ( i’am going to use it to create a single vehicle that i will animate and record in beamng.