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ATC Automation Touring Championship - excellent racing since 1956 - Season 4 results complete, Season 5 rules fixed


Wow, that’s really, really sad. :cry:
I’m sorry for your lost.


It’s not turbocharged is it?


I lost a B5 to mechanical issues too. Is the car really done for? If so, :cry:


@CMT You alive?


I’ve tried to pm him to offer my services to run the cars, but he didn’t answer. :confused:


I really like this competition and hoped that it will continue. Maybe we could set the new reglement or use the old again with some additions and set a deadline. And hope that he comes back in this time. If not we can share the needed work. Some could race 3 races and oen other can write the stories. I’am not the best writer in english but i would do some races.


We automationeers really don’t like the idea of hijacking someone elses challenge like that. The idea has been floated before and was shot down with pretty quickly


I was hoping he came back so I could propose to do the runs and the math to him and he just write the “race report”. But I think that something must have happened, I don’t think he will be back anytime soon.


Hmm okay i had nothing bad in mind. would it be okay to make an 70s ATC revival challange? With a new start and a new host?


Now that is a pretty good idea. The basic principle of the ATC was that it was simple and easy for anyone to make an entry for. So something like the 70’s Beginner League? Very possible. Keep it quick and sweet. :grinning:


Yes something like that, with alot posibillities to build your car. Maybe this time we could set a specific safety rating like mentioned before. Mybe we could start with the season 70/71 and set the minimum safety to 25 and increase it the next round to 30.

Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

I think that at least the name should be changed, in respect for the owner of the actual ATC, but that aside I don’t see a problem.
The name suggestion of @ramthecowy sound’s nice, maybe just Beginners League, and the round is the year of the trims, just like the ATC.
But you must remember that the plan for the next round was to create some more specific rules, to match the years technology and so we do an actual touring challenge, not a F1-ish championship.

Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

Someone willing to start a thread? I’m sure a racemaster will be found soon enough, so if someone is willing to fall on the blade and become Host? WHO WANTS THE HONOUR?? :smile:


ABL Automation beginners league sounds good to me.


We could continue but I think it’s fair that the challenge is new, new name and some differences. Like when you win the season you are no longer beginner and you’r out :wink:

Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

I’am to new for a host position i think, but i would help with other things, like run some races, ore look over the cars


Yep, that sounds nice!


Lets take our discussion here


or instead of being out, just getting additional restrictions or something like not being allowed to use newer car tech


@Xoury, enter the ABL tread and take a look in what we have done, please.