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Attatching a car file?


Simple question. How do I save my car and attatch it to a thread as a zip?


There should be an export button at the bottom when you click on sandbox. Press on the car you want to export and then press export


Ok, thanks. How do I import them?


Select or open the zip file you get, click extract and then browse to set the destination folder to your Automation install folder. For example, C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Games\Automation (I think). That’s all, if you hit extract it’ll place the files in the right places by itself.


You can do what @ramthecowy wrote, or just place the zips in the Import folder, in Automation save folder (in my case it’s E:/Automationsave/Automation, but I guess it’s …/Documents/My games/Automation by default). That way the game will handle the unpacking to the right folders.