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Auto China 2018 (Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018)


AL Autos Booth (BIAE 2018) (Day 2)

2018 AL Autos Quaestus (Shown: RGLE, RGXLE, and RGS)

The Body

The Quaestus was designed to stand out from the common commuter car as this is meant to bring some fun to your daily drive. The front fascia has been designed to be aggressive (but not too aggressive) with our angled and modern styled headlamps and DRLs, the fitting nose grille which leads your eyes directly to fitting and sexy grilles and vents at the bottom of the fascia. From the side, the body has been shaped to flow with the fixtures from front to rear. Onto the rear where the Quaestus gets a sleek brake light design with the bar brake light that completes the look of the rear end. From any angle, the Quaestus looks properly aggressive. The 3 trims of the Quaestus weigh in anywhere between 3742 lbs (1697 kgs) to 4193 lbs (1902 kgs).

The Underpinnings

The Quaestus has a choice of 2 drivetrains:

Available on the RGLE and RGXLE trims is a beefed up version of the 2.0 L Turbocharged 4-cylidner engine found on the Irev producing 205.6 HP and 194 lb-ft of torque sent to the front wheels and mated to a 7 Speed Advanced Automatic transmission + Electric LSD.

Available on the RGS trim is an all-new 3.2 L Twin Turbo V6 producing 329.7 HP and 323 lb-ft of torque sent to the rear wheels and mated to a 7 Speed Dual Clutch transmission + Electric LSD.

To help put the Quaestus put the power down, the RGLE and RGXLE have medium compound tires and the RGS has specialized sports compound tires.

To help the Quaestus come to a stop, all trims come with solid disc brakes that vary in size depending on the trim.

Finally, to absorb the bumps, the Quaestus comes equipped with Double Wishbone (F) and Multilink Rear Suspension systems with air springs, adaptive dampers, and active sway bars tuned specially for each vehicle.

All of these systems help the Quaestus (especially the RGS) perform well on the track:

RGLE: 1:33.6

RGXLE: 1:33.8

RGS: 1:25.9

The Technology + Safety

The Quaestus features some nifty technological features to help make your drive a more comfortable experience. The RGXLE and RGS trims come with AL-Infotainment complete with a push to talk voice command system, satellite navigation w/ real time traffic, AM/FM/USB radio, and AL’s WorldConnect system which allows the user to make reservations at hotels and restaurants and check the weather at any location. In addition, WorldConnect now also has a function in accident response/prevention system, standard on all trims. The prevention side of this system includes rapid flashing hazards, automatic braking assist, blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alerts, and door opening warnings in case of incoming traffic that may endanger the passenger exiting the vehicle. The response side of this system activates in the case of airbag deployment/substantial impact: Hazzard lights are turned on, multiple airbags are deployed, engine is on standby and can turn on when start button is held for 5 seconds, brakes are applied, and WorldConnect automatically contacts emergency services. Other nifty additions include automatic dual climate control standard on the RGXLE and RGS, a HUD standard on the RGXLE and RGS, and heated seats standard on the RGXLE and RGS.

Pricing (Fully Loaded)

Quaestus RGLE: $35,262

Quaestus RGXLE: $37,174

Quaestus RGS: $52,577

AL Autos Official: News Update (11/20/2019)
AL Autos Official: News Update (11/20/2019)
AL Autos Official: News Update (11/20/2019)

Your all new Farox Alpha.

An honest, quality luxury car needs no explanation. However, this is an all-new platform, and an all new car.
With three engine options, two transmissions, and available 4Trac all wheel drive, the new Alpha will happily tackle any circumstance smoothly, comfortably, and powerfully.

An economical 2.0L Inline-4 Turbo trim provides an excellent amount of standard features, and an impressive 26 miles per gallon combined.
A powerful 5.0L V8 allows for consistent, smooth power that will exhilarate you all the way to 7,000 RPM.
And last but certainly not least, a 3.7L V6 provides the best of both worlds.

Standard air suspension on all Limited trims can raise and lower the Alpha, giving it from seven to ten inches of ground clearence, and can tighten and soften on demand, delivering a perfect ride quality for all situations.

Farox Crystalline headlamps, taillamps, and foglamps are also all new. While showing off a classy look, they also have been proven to stay clear and provide better light flow than typical plastic lights.


CMW At Auto China 2018.

Introducing the 2019 CMW CS Series - Confident Sportiness.

CMW CS260 VSport in Persimmon Orange Metallic

CMW is proud to present our all-new CS-Series compact sports coupe. Lightweight, agile and efficient, the CS continues CMW’s tradition of affordable, exciting cars for the discerning driving enthusiast.

CMW CS140 in Cloud White

The CS is available with a range of turbocharged, direct-injection inline-4 and inline-6 engines, producing between 140 and 340 horsepower, driving the rear wheels either through the standard 6-speed manual or optional 8-speed automatic transmission. A curb weight of 1307 kilograms (CS140 base model; may vary by model and optional equipment) ensures excellent handling and balance, and helps the CS achieve a fuel economy rating of 5.0-6.2 liters/100 kilometers.

CMW CS340 VSport in Azure Blue Metallic

17" wheels are standard fitment on the CMW CS-Series, with optional 18" and 19" wheels available, with 18" wheels being included in the VSport package, along with a more aggressive front and rear appearance, stiffer suspension and uprated brakes, available on the CS220, CS260, CS300 and CS340 models.

CMW CS140 in Cloud White

The CMW CS-Series goes on sale later this year, with prices starting at $19,730 and more body styles to come. See your local CMW dealer or visit our website for more information.

CMW CS300 in Iridium Silver Metallic


The Farox Beta.
A swift kick of prowess.

As a sister car to the Alpha, the all new Beta coupe rides on the same platform, but slightly shortened. It offers the same engines and transmissions, and an extra model.

Now for the real star of the show!

We are proud to present the Farox Beta Sevenfold. Forget luxury boat. Get family car out of your head. Now, think GT car. There, that’s better isn’t it? With ActiveGT sports suspension and active aero, a massive 5.6L 430 hp V8, a 7-Speed Twin-Clutch-Automatic and a limited slip rear differential, you have the comfort of the Alpha sedan, the gorgeous body of the Beta coupe and the performance of a sports car. No compromises. Seating for 4 adults, 0 to 60 in under 5 and a half seconds, and better fuel economy than an S-Class coupe.

The journalists will have fun telling you to buy one!


2019 Zenshi Altrea (AZ50)

The newly redesigned Altrea makes it’s appearance for the 2019 market.

Wanting to appeal to the market a bit more, Zenshi took the Shinka design the Altrea had before and gave it a more aggressive, yet slightly more sophisticated approach. The result is what you end up seeing before your eyes.

New to the current generation Altrea for the 2019 year is the introduction of Zenshi’s newest entry to the LZ-series of Inline-6 motors, the LZ8. The 3.4L Naturally Aspirated I6 replaces the 3.0L LZ3-ACE turbocharged one to provide a ride with smoother control and power delivery. An ample 323 HP delivers a healthy amount of performance to the rear wheels, and is only available with a 6-Speed AvanTec transmission. Zenshi has said that if demand is strong enough, they may make a manual option, which is only available for the 2.0L and 2.5L models.

The 2.5L QS25-GDA has been updated to provide plenty of efficiency to the car, with the Altrea averaging 33 MPG with a 6-Speed Manual, in exchange for a small sacrifice of power. The slightly lighter weight the new engine boasts allows for performance differences to be marginally minimal.

The interior has been updated as well, with the inclusion of Zenshi’s all-new infotainment system, and a couple of new amenities, such as better sound deadening and advanced adaptable driving mode controls.

The 2019 Altrea will hit the Japanese markets in a few weeks, and will make it’s way worldwide within the next month or so. The Touring, the wagon variant of the Altrea, will make it’s way as well, excluding American markets.


The new 2018 TSR Urban Coupe

The new TSR Urban Coupe is a Sports Kei Car that is available in Japan for the 2018 model year and the world (except the US) for the 2019 model year. The JDM model, of course within the Kei Car regulation, has a 660cc Inline 3 engine producing 63HP (applies for all JDM trim)

全新的TSR Urban Coupe是一款运动型汽车,在2018年车型的日本和2019车型的全球(除美国之外)都有售。日本国内市场模式,当然在Kei Car法规中,拥有一台660cc Inline 3发动机,产生63HP(适用于所有日本国内市场装饰)

-RS Trim shown in Gloss Black

Specs (only for Japanese models):

  • RS
    Starting price: $19814 with 20% mark-up
    45.0 mpg
    Engine: A3-660B
    63HP, 39lb-ft
    Available to buy now! Available with Manual/DCT and RWD/AWD
    现在可以购买!可用于手动/ DCT和RWD / AWD

Starting price: $24279 with 20% mark-up
45.0 mpg
Engine: A3-660B
63HP, 39lb-ft
Coming soon! Available with RWD/AWD
快来了!适用于RWD / AWD

Pre-order deposit for the NR5 trim is $1000. Visit our website for more information and test-drives.


Thank you for visiting our booth.


TSR Automotive

The facelifted Baltazar Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro 2.0 TS Lithium in Sahara Silver

Ever since its introduction in 2015, the second generation Kilimanjaro has been a sales success, achieving impressive numbers worldwide. One of the biggest markets for the model is China, which is why the refreshed Kilimanjaro is being first shown at the Chinese motorshow.

Kilimanjaro 2.0 TS Lithium in Sahara Silver

Mirroring the recently released Stardust, with which it shares the platform, along with the Quasar, the Kilimanjaro has three engine options, a 1.5 turbo with 150 hp and a pair of 2.0 turbos, with 202 and 265 hp.
A 6-speed manual is offered as standard for the two lower output models, with a 6-speed DCT an option. 2.0 models can be had with AWD, where as the 1.5 model is FWD only.
A 5-seater layout is standard fit, with two retractable seats offered as optional equipment across the range.

Sales begin immediately in South East Asia, with cars being built in Baltazar’s Chinese factory. North America, Europe, South America and Africa will receive the facelift model as a 2019 model year.

Further information and details soon on the Baltazar page.


Scagliati At Auto China 2018.

Introducing the Scagliati Ducale - Refinement Of The Formula.

2019 Scagliati Ducale, in Zaffiro

Scagliati is proud to present the 2019 Ducale, an ultra-luxurious limousine for our most exclusive clients. The Ducale takes luxury and craftsmanship to an entirely new level, with each car being hand-assembled by our expert craftsmen at the Scagliati Speicale workshop in Mirano, Italy. Carbon-fiber body panels are painted by hand in an exacting process where up to twenty coats of paint are applied, then hand-sanded and polished to give a high-quality finish and a paint depth not possible in mechanised processes.

Inside the Ducale, the four-seat interior is designed with the two rear passengers in mind, with full-reclining seats covered in any of a thousand different leather, synthetic and non-leather options, in any combination. In-seat heating, cooling and massage are standard in both seats, as are a set of noise-cancelling headphones that can connect with the rear-seat entertainment package. For each passenger, a 40-centimetre screen is provided, along with built-in controls to access the car’s media package, which includes internet connectivity, satellite radio, and access to any media that the Ducale’s owner provides, either present in the car or through a wide range of streaming services. A 30-speaker, 2900-watt surround sound system has been engineered to provide the finest in audio fidelity, with the ability to adjust acoustics to match the most famous concert halls in the world.

Double-glazed windows, with standard electrochromic tint, dampen wind noise and provide privacy for the passengers of the Ducale, and a high-efficency climate control system provides ample heat and cooling, even when the Ducale is first started, along with HEPA-quality air filtration for all occupants. An optional electrochromic glass screen can provide separation from the driver and the passenger compartment for the ultimate in privacy.

Under the hood of the Ducale, The 5.7-litre Amadeo turbocharged V12 is standard, producing 662 horsepower and 856 Newton-metres of torque, giving the Ducale a more relaxed, refined character than its more sporting siblings in the La Serenissima lineup. The TISE all-wheel drive system makes its debut in a Scagliati sedan for the first time, coupled with a 9-speed automatic transmission for a serene and relaxed experience.

2019 Scagliati Ducale Sovrano, in Ebano

In addition to the base model Ducale, Scagliati has the Sovrano option as well, available to all diplomatic customers with a wide range of comfort and protection options available, including segregated air supply and factory-designed and installed armor up to Level B7.


Engine Specifications
Engine Type Scagliati Amadeo S050.993TA
Description 60-degree V12, aluminium-silicon block and heads, forged crankshaft, rods and pistons
Valvetrain 4-valves per cylinder, variable valve lift and timing
Bore x Stroke 86.0mm x 82.5mm
Displacement 5751cc
Aspiration twin-turbocharged and intercooled, direct fuel injection
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Output 662 horsepower @ 7200 RPM, 860 Nm @ 3800 RPM
Redline 8200 RPM

Model Specifications Ducale
Layout Front-engine, all-wheel drive VIP limousine
Seating Four
Chassis/Body Carbon-fiber monocoque and panels
Suspension double-wishbone front, multi-link rear
Driveline 9-speed automatic transmission, electronic front, centre and rear differentials
Brakes carbon-ceramic front and rear
Curb Weight 2300 kilograms
Weight Distribution 59.4%F/40.6%R
0-100 km/h 4.2s
100-0 Braking Distance 34.6 m
Top Speed 350 km/h*
Fuel Economy 8.6 litres/100km
List Price $384,500

*Top speed is electronically limited

The all new FaqQing 2019 Lineup

2019 FaqQing X7

The new car for everybody !

105hp from the all new FaqQink “Injection4” 2L engine coupled with a the “F51B” FWD five speed Manual Gearbox will bring everybody easy to their destination! Compact and still roomy! Seating for 5 and still enough space in boot and on the roof to transport anything you want! Even now standard with ABS ! Soon at the dealer for 7500$ !

2019 FaqQing BC10

A lot of car for a tight budget!

Also run by our new “Injection4” engine, the new BC10 is able to haul even more stuff and even reach the more rural areas! Also comes standard with the new “F51B” five speed. ABS ! Seating for 5 and all this for 11.000$!

2019 FaqQing AF09

Exclusive for Archana! The new Buddy for every driver!

1.5L SOHC Inline 3 with 60hp, powering the front wheels with a sporty 4 speed Manual. Quick and peppy!
4 doors and 5 seats to move you and your friends to every party! ABS as a Standard. Be a trendsetter for 9.000$ !

FaqQing - Of Blessed Greats

(( For people who don’t get the joke, should take a look at these :

Basicly i want to thank @strop, @Grandea, @HighOctaneLove and @DeusExMackia(Even tho i didn’t ask him) to allow this brand, which gets “Inspired” from others with their designs. Nobody is save from the FaqQing “Design” team :stuck_out_tongue: )

Auto Shanghai 2019

Ha! I’m flattered that you used the god awful x-imotion crosstrek for inspiration. Great stuff!


Wow, I too am flattered that you’d use my designs for a Chinese knock-off!!!

Feel free to continue to do so in the future :sunglasses:

The funniest bit is that Deus’s front design and my rear design actually work pretty well together on that car… :thinking:


This. This is properly saying something given how ugly that old design was.

Now cue all the jokes about how you pronounce “FaqQing” hUhHuHuhUh


inb4 all you cultural incompetents don’t realise that the Q in Qing is a ch- :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ok ok I’ll stop ruining the joke


Montes Copyright…


@vmo Well, this is for the Chinese market. Seems apropriate… :wink:

On a serious note, surely it depends on how @Aaron.W/TSR choose to word it. Is it ‘Urban Coupe’ as one name or the ‘Coupe’ version of the ‘TSR Urban’? If the latter is the case then then yeah, that’s copyright, but otherwise…


Note that copyright differs from trademark, meaning that similar and even same names are perfectly allowed as far as they are relevant and independently developed, and not liable to cause confusion or meant to parasitically make use of the fame and reputation of the older name-sake.


I stand corrected, that’s a far more adept explanation.


Also it’s not like as if this doesn’t exist