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Auto China 2018 (Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2018)

The all new FaqQing 2019 Lineup

2019 FaqQing X7

The new car for everybody !

105hp from the all new FaqQink “Injection4” 2L engine coupled with a the “F51B” FWD five speed Manual Gearbox will bring everybody easy to their destination! Compact and still roomy! Seating for 5 and still enough space in boot and on the roof to transport anything you want! Even now standard with ABS ! Soon at the dealer for 7500$ !

2019 FaqQing BC10

A lot of car for a tight budget!

Also run by our new “Injection4” engine, the new BC10 is able to haul even more stuff and even reach the more rural areas! Also comes standard with the new “F51B” five speed. ABS ! Seating for 5 and all this for 11.000$!

2019 FaqQing AF09

Exclusive for Archana! The new Buddy for every driver!

1.5L SOHC Inline 3 with 60hp, powering the front wheels with a sporty 4 speed Manual. Quick and peppy!
4 doors and 5 seats to move you and your friends to every party! ABS as a Standard. Be a trendsetter for 9.000$ !

FaqQing - Of Blessed Greats

(( For people who don’t get the joke, should take a look at these :

Basicly i want to thank @strop, @Grandea, @HighOctaneLove and @DeusExMackia(Even tho i didn’t ask him) to allow this brand, which gets “Inspired” from others with their designs. Nobody is save from the FaqQing “Design” team :stuck_out_tongue: )

Auto Shanghai 2019

Ha! I’m flattered that you used the god awful x-imotion crosstrek for inspiration. Great stuff!


Wow, I too am flattered that you’d use my designs for a Chinese knock-off!!!

Feel free to continue to do so in the future :sunglasses:

The funniest bit is that Deus’s front design and my rear design actually work pretty well together on that car… :thinking:


This. This is properly saying something given how ugly that old design was.

Now cue all the jokes about how you pronounce “FaqQing” hUhHuHuhUh


inb4 all you cultural incompetents don’t realise that the Q in Qing is a ch- :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ok ok I’ll stop ruining the joke


Montes Copyright…


@vmo Well, this is for the Chinese market. Seems apropriate… :wink:

On a serious note, surely it depends on how @Aaron.W/TSR choose to word it. Is it ‘Urban Coupe’ as one name or the ‘Coupe’ version of the ‘TSR Urban’? If the latter is the case then then yeah, that’s copyright, but otherwise…


Note that copyright differs from trademark, meaning that similar and even same names are perfectly allowed as far as they are relevant and independently developed, and not liable to cause confusion or meant to parasitically make use of the fame and reputation of the older name-sake.


I stand corrected, that’s a far more adept explanation.


Also it’s not like as if this doesn’t exist







Thank you everyone for your participation in this auto show. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next show will be at Antiyita; a page will be opened later this month.

Please do not unveil any more cars.


And? On that time, I didn’t know automationverse.




Does it really matter if cars use the same name though?

Its not like this hasnt happened in the past

For example:

Edsel Ranger & Ford Ranger

Edsel Pacer & AMC Pacer

Edsel Citation & Chevrolet Citation

Dodge Lancer & Mitsubishi Lancer

Dodge Aspen & Chrysler Aspen

Chevrolet Suburban & Plymouth Suburban

Ford Sierra & GMC Sierra


Bruno’s Blabberings

I’m still in the US, shuttling back and forth across the country but have been keeping tabs on the reveals of the Beijing show through other articles and correspondences with journalists attending. At the moment we’re waiting on the big outlets like S.A.M to come out with their takes, and despite not officially announcing coverage we couldn’t keep our eyes and ears off the show. Even though the show is a biennial affair, China has rapidly assumed a central role in the automotive world, as the largest country population-wise would mean the markets were huge. 2016 brought many high level unveilings and this year was not lacking either. While many of the new car reveals there will be for the Chinese market only, a few of them will be destined for showrooms beyond Asia.

After a promising amount of confirmed attending companies, we got to see teasers of some more modern looking AL cars, a meaty Maine truck, a mysterious but official-looking sedan from Chángzhēng. ZM made an appearance with their Gorizia, and Zenshi brought the Altrea sedan and wagon. Things have been improving but a number are still succumbing to the old issue of having poorly framed photos or drab dark images with a car slapped on it. Grim.

Not too long after, the real reveals started pouring in, Maine being the first across the line again with a rather fitting NASCAR spec Guerilla truck accompanied by the smartly dressed brute that is the roadgoing version. Evgenis has returned to media attention after having fallen to the wayside with the simple but modern looking Valta Kyori. I do think it could do with larger and classier wheels, something which I do think the Gorizia following it manages. LaVache waded in with their new mid-size, a rather angular and angry looking thing with shouty colours but a decent set of engine choices. Fans of supercars would be fawning over the Bogliq Nilhilist about now but they’re not really my cup of tea and to be completely honest, that rear is a bit gopping. It does sport some nice big numbers but it honestly screams penis compensator device to me I’d rather have nihil instead. Meanwhile, Rennen has pressed on with their concept car quartet, this time bringing out the LEC-Serenity, a car that more inspires sleep in me than serenity, but it’s alright. There’s not much wrong with it other than the strange proportions of the front end, however those wheels are fantastic, I will concede. Following was the NCP Journey, an absolute anachronism. The rear end feels very dated despite the modern looking lower fascia while the upper part of front end has all kinds of strange protrusions and thick/thin elements that challenges the consistency of the look badly - and the wheels are also a no from me. CMW came out with the CS series, another unfortunate disappointment for me, I have to say. Rear ends are often sparse and there are conflicting shapes. No doubt specifying them will be a treat with their great engine and paint options, that I am glad to see. Joining the big sedan troupe was the Zenshi Altrea, a clever design that gets away with an effective look with minimal use of lines and shapes so the design is an unfussed modernness, something that unfortunately I can’t say about the rear. The wagon variant certainly looks much better and the large straight-six smoothness will be a good fit I’d wager. Something that did catch my eye was the TSR Urban Coupe sporting a very clean and chunky look with nice fat LED bars and a cute little wing. I do wish the vents along the sides and rear were aligned better and didn’t look so haphazard, plus the rear could definitely do with a diffuser type look even if it’s just for visuals. Apparently the name has come under contention, with Montes challenging the use of the “Urban”, something I honestly don’t really follow. It’s a very generic noun that they certainly didn’t invent, nor are these two cars that people would cross-shop anyway.

Anyway, back on track, the Kilimanjaro has finally undergone a facelift, apparently sharing a platform with the recently released Stardust and comes in AWD and FWD guises with 3 engine options. Stretching the very definition of luxury to the limit, Scagliati glid in with the Ducale. Ducale is a name pertaining to royalty, such as a duke, but also representing the extent to which it is superlative. If you take the carbonfibre, twin turbo V12 and handmade interior into consideration that may just be the case. While it doesn’t exude svelte luxobarge to me, it still looks cracking and the flagposts are a nifty little touch. I’ve heard whispers that it’ll be a 400 grand car and I’d be lying if I said I’d rather spend that money on a Nihilist or something like that. That’s me done then, if I knew more or was there I’d definitely be rambling on still, but that’s all from me for now, cheerio!
ー Bruno


Lol. Anyways, Urban Coupe is one name. Then there will be the Urban City. So Urban and coupe is not a seperate name.


Mmmm. Guess we’ll have to see what the lawyers reckon :joy: