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Automatic Transmission not unlocking properly when researched



I played around with the Light Campaign a bit and found an issue in the early years with unlocking automatic transmission early through R&D:

I started researching drivetrain stuff from 1946 on and developed a prototype car within 26 months. Then I wanted to create a facelift to properly hit the premium market with the new automatic transmission (normal unlock date 1950). I can select the automatic transmission, but the 2 gears option is not yet available. Instead I get an endlessly spinning Automation logo:

I finally get access to the 2 gear option in January 1949 (my drivetrain tech evel is at 1.94 then, tech date at 12/1950) which is too late for my customers. :wink: So somehow the ratio unlock date might be different from the actual gearbox unlock date.

Here’s the campaign save file in case you need it for investigations:
BAM_Manual.zip (520.9 KB)



Hey Martin!
Well, that’s a bug. :frowning: We’re looking into it, thanks for the savegame, that’ll help reproducing it quickly.